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Version 2009.11.12.19 - Released December 19, 2011

• ISEMPLOYED Formula Function: new function allowing a User to explicitly determine if a person is employed on a date is now available.

• GETBENLIMIT Formula Function: a new formula function GETBENLIMIT has been added which allows a user to get the 415(b) benefit limitation for a given year.

• GETBENLATEST Formula Function: a new formula function GETBENLATEST has been added which allows a user to get information on the latest benefit payment.

• Service Eligibility Requirement First Year Anniversary: If a person terminates before satisfying the service requirement for an age and service rule (21 and 1 for example), the anniversary is reset to the next employment period (disregarding the initial short period).

• Service Eligibility Requirement Anniversary Rule: "Date may not precede anniversary" option allows a user to specify that a age and service requirement must be satisifed in the first year but the resulting date may never precede first anniversary date.

• Information for Multiple Contingent Annuitants: can now store information for more than one beneficiary.

• Status Determination: fixes problem in which a participant that terminated prior to meeting plan eligibility and died on same day was treated as terminated rather than deceased for purposes of status determination.

• Annuity Factor and CAF Spouse Age: users can now specify a spousal age difference assumption when calculating an annuity factor or CAF.

• Office 2010 Compatibility: added automation support for Microsoft Office 2010.

• Data Import Enhancement: identifies invalid cell values such as #NA, #REF!, #NAME?, #NULL, #VALUE!, etc. contained in the import file.

• Plan Notes: provides users with the ability to specify events that trigger the display of a plan note as a message.

Version 2009.11.11.17 - Released November 18, 2011

• Archive Image Import: Adds ability to import multiple .pdf documents into the DB Precision electronic archive (Import Images on Home tab). This is particularly useful if trying to store benefit statements created prior to conversion to DB Precision.

• Service Period Start Date after Break: service start date after a break-in-service can now be rounded using parameters found on the service provision break-in-service screen.

• Minimum Distribution Lump Sums: when a participant receives a minimum distribution in the form of the lump sum, that participant is now correctly classified as active (rather than paid out).

• Valuation Snapshot: provides option to classify new hires and rehires as non-accruing if hired in prior year.

• Pop-up Factors: users can now create annuity and conversion factors for annuities that include a pop-up options.

• Usage Statistics: it is now possible to view graphs that illustrate usage of DB Precision (see Tools tab).

Version 2009.11.10.27 - Released November 1, 2011

• Data Cleanup Wizard: corrects for problem with Benefits Wizard in which having the wizard fix a missing benefit payment set name was resulting in the creation of an additional benefit.

• Account Interest: corrects interest crediting issues in rehire years for plans that have separate interest crediting for active versus terminated participants.

• Late Retirement: fixes problem when calculating benefits for a participant where termination date is prior to NRD but benefit start date is after NRD and ratcheting is used for late benefit accrual.

• Plan Service Eligibility: adds ability to specify a formula that specifies the earliest date one can begin accruing service. This is particularly useful for coding plans that have multiple acquisition dates (can now code a formula that varies by group code for example).

• Plan Service Eligibility: adds ability to specify a formula that specifies the latest date one accrue service under a definition. This is particularly useful for coding plans that have multiple freeze dates (can now code a formula that varies freeze date by group code for example).

• Vesting at NRD: fixes problem in which one was not considered 100% vested under 411(a) if terminated the day before NRD.

• Account Negative Interest: negative interest rates and interest rate assumptions are now allowed when measuring account balances.

• Account Transactions: added ability to explicitly specify that reported amounts after termination date and calculation date may not be applied to an account (when a transaction equals a reported amount).

• Web Portal Important Docs: added ability to specify that an archive is an important document but also allow it to not appear when searching for archives in the web portal.

• Web Portal Settings - Loading Animation: DB Precision users can now choose the animation that is shown on the web portal while portal users wait for DB Precision to process a portal request.

Version 2009.11.10.12 - Released October 14, 2011

• Sponsor Worksheet: corrects for problem with "Copy with Titles" option when entire worksheet is selected using cell in upper left.

• Auto-update: provides auto-update option so that updates are automatically downloaded from PensionSoft web server.

• QDRO Treatment: Treats QDRO participants as retired rather than beneficiary.

• Most Recently Opened Items Grouping: provides for user-level option to group most recently opened items by type (Person, Sponsor, etc.).

• New User Options: adds two new options for users, one which allows certain users to process database SQL queries, and another which provides users the option to have access to DB Precision beta releases.

• Valuation Snapshot: adds View button on snapshot results that opens snapshot extract in Excel.

• Late Retirement: adds ability to adjust late retirement increases by a Formula Derived Item for a Benefit Payment Set.

• Termination on Service Start Date/DOP: if a participant terminates on service start date, service start date will equal this date (rather than rehire date) .

• Web Portal Listener: fixes memory leak in web portal listener which occured when publishing "Important Documents" over the web.

• Average Earnings Partial Period Rounding: corrects nearest month period rounding that was causing some periods to not round to nearest month.

Version 2009.11.9.21 - Released September 22, 2011

• Sponsor Worksheet: added new "Copy with Titles" option (available when right-clicking a range) that copies the column titles along with the selected range.

• Zip Code Lookup: fixes problem where inconsistent zip code / City / State warning was appearing when there was no inconsistency between these items.

• 5500 Lifecount Exclusions: footnote has been added to lifecount reconciliation to exclude certain participants if there are multiple survivors of one deceased participant.

• User Standard Rights: fixes problem in which opening the User Standard Rights screen for a user that is part of a group could cause the application to fail.

• Person Creation: if a person is created while a Person tab is open and that opened Person has a beneficiary, the New Person screen can be populated with the beneficiary information already stored.

• Status Determination: individuals receiving or entitled to receive benefits from a plan due to a QDRO are now classified as retired rather than beneficiary when the system determines an individual's plan status.

• New Startup Option: User can specify options upon login to DB Precision: Do nothing, open last opened item, or open sponsor of last opened item. Press the main button and then press the Options button at the bottom of the menu to set this option.

• Lifecount Reconciliation: fixes problem where new entrant listing was displaying certain individuals twice.

• Version Aware: DB Precision now checks to see whether the latest version is installed and warns if version is out-of-date.

Version 2009.11.9.6 - Released September 8, 2011

• New Ribbon Item - Swap Sponsor/Plan: allows users to easily toggle selected tab between plan sponsor and document.

• Plan Average Earnings: corrects for problem with plans that use monthly averaging in which the compensation limit was not being prorated in the first year when a participant worked less than the averaging period.

• Valuation Snapshot: earnings and service are now determined as of the end date of the last full service or earnings unit when the snapshot date is run on a different date than unit anniversary.

• Sponsor Worksheet: fixes problem in which cells in a delete range were not being cleared until after the user clicked elsewhere on the screen after deleting more than one cell.

• Tab Tooltip - Person Reported Amounts: shows the latest item as well as converted value if sponsor reported amount has converted values.

• Tab Tooltip - Person Benefit Payment Information: shows any benefit payment information for a Person.

• Item Explorer: when data is ungrouped, a person's status is now displayed.

Version 2009.11.8.17 - Released August 23, 2011

• System Calculations: added Defined Contribution screen allowing users to specify defined contribution items such as contribution rate, investment return assumption and opening DC balance.

• New Formula Operands - DCRATE: added DCRATE operand allowing users to reference the DC plan contribution rate specified by a user when the calculation is processed.

• New Formula Operands - DCRETURN: added DCRETURN operand allowing users to reference the DC plan investment return assumption specified by a user when the calculation is processed.

• Account Provision: added new interest rate option for an account in which a user can specify that an account's interest rate equals the rate input by the user for DC return assumption when the calculation is processed.

• Account Definition: added option to override opening account balance with the DC account balance specified by the user when the calculation is processed.

• System Import: fixes problem in which import files that contained two-digit years were not having the dates properly translated to be during the 20th century upon import.

• Plan Average Earnings Provision: added option allowing averaging periods to be setup without reference to a service definition (used for average earnings that should include all break periods).

• Sponsor Worksheet: fixes problem in which changed cells were not appearing as yellow after paste to grid and tab was not indicating change with asterix.

• Sponsor Worksheet: if selection size is larger than copied date, selection now get filled with repeat of copied data.

• PIA: SSRD is no longer rounded to the next highest coinciding first of the month. This can impact the late retirement adjustment factor applied to PIA.

• Plan Service Provision: fixes problem with Version 2009.11.8.10. where a service override was not being applied if there were no other reported amounts in a period.

Version 2009.11.8.10 - Released August 10, 2011

• Main Tree: Pressing the F2 key now allows user to rename a selected item providing an additional way for users to rename items on the tree. Similarly, pressing the Delete key can now be used to delete a selected item.

• Sponsor Reported Amount Text Conversion: added Grid button, allowing users to view the reported amount text conversion table as a spreadsheet.

• Plan Service Provision: added ability to reference a reported amount to override service as of the reported amount's effective date. Prior to this, if one needed to bring in frozen service as of some date and then use some reported amount (hours for example) to calculate service prospectively, one needed to set up two service provisions, one using frozen service and one using hours. Now, this can be accomplished using one provision and this override. This was frequently done for plans that use hours-based service where service is known as of some date but full hours history is not known. Now, hours can be used and overrides loaded only for those individuals that do not have a full hours history.

• System Import: adds option to only import for existing people (does not create new people with import).

• System Import - Zip Code: fixes problem in which import of zip code without a 4-digit extension was overlaying same stored zip code which did not include zip code extension.

• Lifecount Reconciliation: if a deceased individual has a beneficiary SSN entered and that beneficiary has not died, the reconciliation indicates that the person has deceased with a survivor.

• Lifecount Reconciliation - Listing: separates listings for existing actives from existing ineligibles (were previously combined in same listing).

• Lifecount Reconciliation - Listing: new entrant listing distinguishes between new active participants entering on the last day of the reconciliation from other new active participants.

• Lifecount Reconciliation - Grid: corrects footnote to correctly note the number of terminated vested participants that are survivors.

• Internet Listener: now assumes that account balance determination date equals annuity commencement date (previously was none).


Version 2009.11.7.25 - Released July 26, 2011

• Calculation Option: users now have the option to ignore historical dates effective after the calculation date.

• Snapshot Error: fixes problem for plans with a large number of participants where an error would sometimes prevent processing.

• Average Earnings: fixes problem impacting partial periods that allocate reported amounts using proration in which the allocation was performed using actual days in the year, but the period was determined assuming a 360-day year.

• ANNUITYFACTOR Formula Function: a new formula function which allows a user to reference an Annuity Factor Definition and calculate a factor amount at a specified assumed current age. For example, one could use ANNUITYFACTOR("annFactor_PPA", CALCDATE, 65) to calculate an age 65 annuity factor using rates and mortality as of the calculation date.

• Sponsor Worksheet Reported Amount: fixes problem where reported amounts were not appearing when "Find earliest of all amounts" was selected.


Version 2009.11.7.5 - Released July 6, 2011

• Social Security PIA: drop in ratio of national average wage is now allowed to drop below 1 when calculating PIA.

• Average Earnings: adds ability to prorate salary limits for partial periods.

• Find/Replace: pre-fills selected search item with selected item if a specific item has been selected.

• Lump Sum / Conversion Factors: fixes problem where ratio adjustment is not properly applied to a variable interest rate.

• Export / Calculate: fixes problem with projection of reported amount when loaded from calculation history that preceded the creation date of most recently created reported amount.

• Export / Calculate: fixes problem where derived date or formula derived item is selected on the calculation screen, a new plan item (date or formula) is created, the calculation is rerun and the wrong date or formula is selected.

• Plan Service Eligibility Provision: eligibility provisions are now sorted by effective date (rather than provision creation date).


Version 2009.11.6.29 - Released June 30, 2011

• Sponsor Import Provision: fixes problem in which reordering items in the item list was not updating subsequent item end columns for delimited file formats.

• Sponsor Reported Amount: fixes problem where changing the numeric value of a reported amount conversion string could cause problems saving that item conversion.

• Person Benefit Payment: fixes problem in which benefit amounts shown on a newly created benefit tab were not enabled/disabled.

• Item Explorer: adds ability to toggle sort method between last name and SSN in item explorer. This was added to simplify looking up participants by SSN.

• Lump Sum Annuity Factors: corrects for a problem when calculating deferred lump sum factors that used a non-integer payment age. The mortality in the final year was being included in the final year when calculating the factor for the next payment age for purposes of developing the interpolated factor.


Version 2009.11.6.12 - Released June 16, 2011

• Web Portal Server: adds ability for web portal to receive internet requests input as ages rather than dates.


Version 2009.12.12.6 - Released December 6, 2012

• Snapshot Refresh: when running a snapshot, Item Explorer now automatically refreshes participant counts.

• Internet Listener: fixes problem when a plan has no web Export Definitions and a web user of that plan logs into the web portal.

• System Export: Word or Excel are no longer opened if no rows of data were exported.

• System Calculations: when the option "Ignore historical dates after calculation date" is selected, service override and plan entry dates are no longer ignored.

• Data Cleanup Wizard: users are no longer able to run this wizard if they have people of the plan sponsor opened in other tabs.

• Valuation Snapshot: when running a snapshot, where a person has a benefit payment that has "Dynamically Calculated" selected, the calculation is now based upon an Annuity Commencement Date equal to the benefit payment's effective date if this date is greater than the snapshot date (was equal to snapshot date prior to this update).

• Late Retirement: adds a new option to apply actuarial increases to lump sums rather than benefits.

• Folder Names Containing Apostrophe: fixes problem deleting or renaming folders that contain an apostrophe.

• .Net 4.5 Compatibility: fixes problem in which web passwords and user IDs could not be retieved once .Net 4.5 was installed.

• Hidden Output Tab and Processes: corrects for Item Explorer view problem occuring when the Output window was hidden and a long running process was started.

• GETBENLATEST: popup annuities are no treated as lump sums when using the function GETBENLATEST.

• Worktrack Task Type: fixes problem with Worktrack task type not updating on Worktrack detail screen.

• Benefit Payment Set and No Employment History: users can now calculate Benefit Payment St items for people, even if there is no employment history.

• Data Request: option to show annual benefit amounts for non-acruing participants using a reported amount has been added.

• Data Request: adds options to include beneficiary name and SSN on data request.

• Data Request: adds option to include a comment column on request.

• Data Request: adds option to include a Date of Death column on request.

• Data Request: adds beneficiary indicator as a column to the Terminated Vested tab of the request.

• Data Request: adds option to display/request address information.

• Data Request: there is now an option to remove client name/number from top of each tab.

• Data Request: retired and beneficiary participants can now be grouped before sorting by name on the retiree tab of the request.

• Data Request: a new option has been added that will highlight terminated vested participants at or near their payment date on the request.

• Data Request: users can now specify whether information provided after the last snapshot should be displayed on the request.

Version 2009.12.10.28 - Released October 30, 2012

• System Import: fixes problem with importing where selection of the option "Only import for existing participants" would prevent any person from being imported.

• Plan Service Eligibility: adds a third requirements group for use in the determination of service eligibility.

• RPTAMTSUM Function: fixes problem where reported amounts were always being evaluated based upon stop date (even if function parameter indicated amounts should be evaluated based upon effective date).

• Multiple Process Requests: prevents user from requesting multiple long-running processes simultaneously.

• Cancel Process: fixes problems associated with users cancelling long-running processes.

• Service Eligibility Copy and Paste: fixes problem where service eligibility provisions were not copying after a copy-and-paste on the Service Definition screen.

• Data Cleanup Wizard: when running the data cleanup wizard, the system now ignores individuals that passed away when determining benefits for terminated vested participants.

• Suspension of Benefits Notice Date: adds ability to store the date that a suspension of benefits notice was issued to a participant and then allows plan to be coded such that benefits do not actuarially accumulate after notice is issued (and prior to April 1 following age 70 1/2).

• Person Validation: a validation has been added which compares hourly rates of pay for a person based upon earnings and hours reported from one period to the next.

Version 2009.12.9.26 - Released September 26, 2012

• Item Explorer Swapping: users now are given the choice to swap to a sponsor or document when double-clicking either.

• Zip Code Import: fixes problem where four-digit extension of zip code were sometimes being imported into the 5 digit zip code/portal code field.

• Plan Export: corrects for application failure when a user tries to export within a plan and no export definitions have been set up.

• GETDETAIL Function: corrects for problem in which option 3 for the GETDETAIL function (interest for a period) was always returning zero.

• Valuation Snapshot: allows users to choose an assumption definition when running a snapshot for purposes of calculating projected items contained in the snapshot.

• 415(b) Benefit Limit: fixes problem where 3-year average earnings component of the 415(b) benefit limit was not properly applied to benefit payment set definitions.

• Person Transaction Log: when a reported amount is changed, added, or deleted if the amount uses an additional identifier, that identifier now appears on the transaction log.

• Person Benefit Payment Screen: fixes problem in which adding a second tab to the benefit payment screen was not updating the effective date displayed on the tab.

• System Import: when importing data, if another user has a person in the sponsor open, the import is no longer allowed until all persons are closed.

• Plan Export Conversion: adds ability to fill export conversion list using either a reported amount or a file containing the conversion values.

• ANNUITYINTRATE Function: corrects for problem where ANNUITYINTRATE function was not returning correct rate if calculation date and actuarial equivalence measurement date did not fall under the same provision.

• Elapsed Time Service: adds new service calculation method which converts days remainder using number of days in month of period end date.

• System Import: when the box "Only import data for existing participants" is checked, people who are on the database for other plan sponsors are no longer having their data imported.

• Valuation Snapshot: beneficiary SSN has been added as a column to the snapshot extract file.

• Valuation Snapshot: fixes problem where earnings amount was not being displayed on snapshot extract file for people hired on the snapshot date.

• Beneficiary Matching: checks if beneficiary also exists as a Person in the database and allows user to quickly open beneficiary in its own tab with a newly created menu selection.

• Improved Portal Statistics: now displays number of Web Users versus the number of those which have logged in during a period.

• Function of Service Provisions: fixes problem where a user could not add a Function of Service Provision in certain situations.

• Function of Service: fixes problem where a calculation would not process for a Function of Service definition that applied rates to all years of service, and was calculated within a provision that had no stop date.

• Status Determination: if a Person has a Beneficiary Date of Death which has been specified and that date is after the date that status is being determined, the person is now considered ineligible for benefits (0).

• Valuation Snapshot: adds choices for handling people receiving in-service distributions when running a valuation snapshot (prior to this release, these individuals always were treated as both active and retired).

Version 2009.12.8.26 - Released August 27, 2012

• Multiple Database Servers: users can now log in and transfer data and plan information between multiple database servers (test and production servers for example).

• Web Portal Passwords: users can customize minimum portal password requirements on a plan sponsor level.

• Level Income Option: fixes problem determining benefits under the level income option when Life Annuity is not the single normal form of benefit payment.

• System Export: fixes problem where the Word file path was invalid but the export file path was valid. DB Precision would then still attempt to open the Word document without first displaying a warning message.

• Lifecount Reconciliation: corrects for problem where a person going from non-vested term to ineligible was not appearing on the reconciliation.

• Find/Replace: fixes problem where an operand prior to the operator "!=" (not equal) was not being identified in a find/replace if the preceding operand was not followed by a space.

• File DSNs: removes file DSNs from program install by storing ODBC connection information in Windows registry.

• Derived Date Offset: for Derived Dates that use an offset to the service requirement (usually for buybacks), the offset amount is now rounded the same way that the underlying service is rounded.

• PIA Payment Start Date: includes the ability to specify a PIA payment start date as a Formula Derived Item.

• Average Earnings Reported Amounts: now has the ability to multiply earnings amounts by a flat contstant (0.5 for example) prior to averaging.

• Account Interest Accrual: adds the option not to prorate fixed fractional interest amounts for people that worked a partial year during an interest crediting period.

• Web Portal Stats Detail: users can now view numeric detail of web portal stats graphs.

• Calculation Tab Selection: when calculating an item, the tab for that item is now selected when calculation results are displayed.

• Reported Amount Folders: when reported amounts are grouped for a plan sponsor into folders, the amounts now also appear in folders when opening a person.

• Web Portal Beneficiary Type: fixes problem where if a participant's stored spouse type was something other than spouse and a request for a calculation using the portal for a spousal beneficiary was then made, the type entered by the web user was not being reflected in the calculation.

• Benefits Wizard: when running the benefits wizard, and storing calculated benefits for TVs, the ACD now equals NRD rather than age 65 (if NRD is other than age 65).

• Item Explorer Toggle Plan: a new option applicable to sponsors with multiple plans allows users to change status groupings by plan by right-clicking in Item Explorer.

Version 2009.12.8.2 - Released August 2, 2012

• Folders: users can now create folders within a Plan Sponsor and Plan Document to help group and organize components.

• Date Import: system now checks for dates that have more than two delimiters and returns an error if found (1/1//2000 for example).

• Worksheet Checkboxes: fixes problem where changes in checkbox worksheet cells were not appearing highlighted if changed.

• Historical Dates on Web Portal: historical dates now can optionally appear for participants within the web portal.

• GETDETAIL Function: new formula function allows users to get additional details for calculated items.

• Elapsed Time Service: adds new service calculation method in which years of service is determined by taking the difference in years and the remainder is then determined based upon the difference in days and divided by 365 or 366 depending upon whether the end date falls in a leap year.

• Service Exclusion: adds new option in which service can be excluded prior to the earliest data another service began accruing.

• Person Benefit Payment Screen: splits payment administration items such as tax withholding onto a separate screen.

• Ignoring Person Benefit Payment: provides new option to ignore certain benefit payments when performing a snapshot.

• Stored/Dynamic Benefit Determination: provides new option to dynamically calculate benefit payments for a person when completing a snapshot rather than requiring storage of fixed benefit amounts.

• Close All Documents: new ribbon option allows users to close all opened documents (rather than just one at a time).

• Plan Level Export: fixes problem where total row was always created at bottom of export even if not requested.

• System Import: fixes problem where people with addresses containing R.R. Box and P.O. Box in second address line had addresses that were improperly cleaned up.

• System Import: fixes problem where addresses were being improperly classified as changes.

• System Import: fixes problem where certain existing employees were improperly appearing as new employees.

• Worktrack Web Updates: when a change is made to a Worktrack task through the web portal, emails are now sent to sponsor Contacts and Sponsor Users notifying them of the change.

• Worktrack Task List: users can now filter the Worktrack list based upon task detail for a sponsor.

Version 2009.12.7.2 - Released July 2, 2012

• Fractional Interest Crediting: fixes problem where interest is credited more frequently than annual and interim deposits were credited with a fixed fraction of a period's interest. The problem of opening account balance (if any) being credited incorrect interest has been fixed.

• Plan Validations: when comparing two sequential rates of pay, there is no longer any annualization of amounts for purposes of the comparison.

• Formula Evaluation: fixes problem where zero divided by zero could not be evaluated.

• Val Extract Headers: users can now specify headers for reported and plan amounts on the valuation extract.

• System Import Results: new participant listing now includes hire date and the duplicate SSN icon now appears as a value on the grid view.

• System Import Results Display: fixes problem in which participants without enough information to be created were appearing on the new person listing.

• Plan Export Item Conversion: adds ability to convert numeric values to text on export.

• GETBENLATEST Function: adds ability to get benefit type (retirement, survivor, etc.) using this function and an amount code of 10.

• Elapsed Time Service: adds new service calculation method in which a person is credited with a month of service if employed on the 15h of the month.

Version 2009.12.6.4 - Released June 4, 2012

• Checking for Participants in Other Plan Sponsors: fixes problem where list created upon import of people in other plan sponsors was not evaluating new entrants when performing this check.

• Person Worksheet Edits: when a user edited a blank cell in a Person Worksheet, the cell was not highlighting in yellow when changed. This has been fixed.

• 417(e)(3) Mortality: fixes problem with last release where exporting an annuity or CAF factor which included 417(e)(3) mortality could cause the application to fail.

• Average Earnings: when an average earnings definition that uses highest (non-consecutive) earnings and does not reflect 401(a)(17) limits, those earnings that were not used in the average are now properly displayed.

• Worktrack Calculation Detail: enables user to create worktrack detail and then classify worktrack tasks with this detail.

• Frequency Limit on Worktrack Requests: enables user to set limit to number of worktrack tasks that can be requested by a participant over the web.

• Worktrack Email Customization: enables user to create custom wording on emails provided when calculation is created/mailed.

• Web Portal Menu Wording: enables user to customize wording displayed in web menu.

• Social Security PIA: fixes problem resulting from using a payment start date that is a derived date where the participant never satisfies the derived date's service requirement.

• Window on Startup: no longer maximizes window on startup due to resulting display issues on two monitor remote desktop terminals.

• Rename Items to SQL Keywords: prevents rename of items to SQL keywords such as "default" to prevent problems associated with subsequent query execution.

• Sponsor Assignment Filter: allows Open and Worktrack screens to be filtered to only show sponsors assigned to users.

• Plan Document Dates: fixes display problem on sponsor document screen where the date type list was incorrectly showing top heavy and not top heavy as choices.

• Negative Decimals Export Display: allows users to indicate negative decimal values in an export item to display numbers rounded to tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. when exporting.

Version 2009.12.5.10 - Released May 10, 2012

• CAF Age Measurement: users can now measure annuity conversion factors at ages other than payment start date (ACD).

• 417(e)(3) Mortality: a new option for mortality tables exists which allows a user to select 417(e)(3) mortality for an Actuarial Equivalence Provision. With this selection, there is no longer a need to update mortality each year for changes in the underlying applicable mortality table.

• Paste as beneficiary: a new option on the menu of a person tab has been added which allows a user to copy a participant and then paste to another person so that the copied person's data appears in the pasted person's beneficiary information.

• Item Deletion: when deleting an item on the main tree, the parent item is now bolded to indicate a change in the item group.

• ACD in Snapshot: ACD is now set equal to NRD (rather than snapshot date) to fix problems occuring in extracted Formula Derived Items that reference ACD (annuity conversion factors for example).

• Late Retirement: a new option has been added to late retirement increases that allows accumulation to occur no earlier than 4/1 following age 70 1/2.

• First Name Change on Import: fixes problem of transaction log not being updated to reflect changes to first name through import.

• Formula Derived Item Calculation Results: users can now double-click an item in the Formula Derived Item calculation results screen to view the underlying formula and calculation component values.

• Sponsor Contact Worktrack Rights: web portal worktrack rights can now be defined separately by sponsor contact.

• Sponsor Contact Group Code Restrictions: sponsor contact rights for viewing participant information using the web portal can now be restricted by group code.

• Service Definition Eligibility Formula: fixes problem on Service Definition screen where formulas were not being validated on OK button press.

• Average Earnings Results: fixes display problem with average earnings results where amounts not used in the average but within the lookback period were not being capped by earning limits (there is no impact on calculations, just display).

• New Import Warning: if importing a benefit column that has been multiplied by some amount (usually 12) to convert to an annual amount and any of the imported amounts are for a benefit with a lump sum form of payment, a warning is now issued.

Version 2009.12.4.11 - Released April 12, 2012

• Worksheet Rights: allows a system user's access rights to be separately assigned for Person Worksheets.

• 64-bit Version: fixes problem displaying old-style grid control (found on Plan Sheet, mortality, and published rates screens) on 64-bit installations.

• Average Earnings Provisions: creates new option to use the service definition used to determine average earnings periods when determining averaging period denominator.

• Elapsed Time Service Method: adds new elapsed time service method that credits half a month if worked between 8 and 22 days and a full month if worked greater than 22 days.

• Status Determination: when a person has an employment history and has received a survivor lump sum distribution, that lump sum is disregarded for purposes of determining status.

• Non-US Postal Codes: adds support for postal codes outside US.

• Historical Dates: fixes problem where newly entered historical dates that were earlier than other dates could be treated as occuring after other historical dates for purposes of determining status.

• User Rates: allows for input of up to three user defined rates that can then be used in account balance determination.

• User Access: a user is opened read-only by a system administrator if that user is logged in to the system when opened.

• Person Calculation Save Option: when calculating benefit options, one can select an option to store that benefit for an opened person.

• Valuation Snapshot Locking: valuation snapshots can now be locked so that they cannot be overwritten or deleted.

Version 2009.12.3.19 - Released March 19, 2012

• Popup Option: adds ability to specify a popup option as a form of annuity for a person.

• Person Worksheet: corrects for possible problem when saving data in a Person Worksheet where a person is on more than one row.

• Plan Copy/Paste: corrects for problem occuring when pasting a plan document from a plan that contains a PIA definition.

• Finding People in Other Plan Sponsors: displays results in a worksheet view with more detail and ability to copy/paste results.

• Data Cleanup Wizard: fixes problem occuring where benefits wizard would sometimes stop running when allowing it to automatically update missing TV benefits.

Version 2009.12.2.20 - Released February 21, 2012

• Validation Results Filter: fixes problem in which error message is displayed after printing valuation results.

• Validation Definition: fixes problem on Person Validation Definitions comparison screen in which certain items appeared unchecked even if checked. While the information was properly stored, it would not properly display.

• Validation Definition Standard Errors: fixes problem on Person Validation Definitions standard errors screen in which certain item descriptions appeared cutoff.

• Validation Definition Standard Errors: adds new validation which checks for rehires with a deferred benefit stored (causing status to evaluate as terminated vested rather than active).

• Sponsor Users: adds ability to specify System Users that are assigned to each Sponsor.

• GETBENLATEST: adds ability to use this function to get the payment start date of a benefit.

• Person Transactions: when item explorer was loading and a user clicked on Person Transactions, the application would be unable to display the transactions screen causing an error that required DB Precision to be closed. This has been fixed.

• Sponsor Import: corrects for problem in which a user was unable to change the numeric format for benefit payment state withholding.

• Worktrack Manager: provides users the new ability to track benefit calculation and data work within DB Precision.

• Service Unit Elapsed Time Minimum: for service provisions that are based upon a reported amount but that are subject to an elapsed time minimum, adds ability to credit service through the weekend if terminated on a Friday.

• Average Earnings Reported Amount: allows for the exclusion of an earnings amount if the unadjusted effective date of that amount is after the calculation date.

• Average Earnings: fixes problem in which the period for a unit that was either half-year or quarter year was not being properly determined if measured on the last day of the period (3/31 for example).

• Lifecount Reconciliation: fixes problem with beneficiary column of lifecount reconciliation where individuals that had two status at the beginning of the year and not at the end of the year were resulting in an incorrect reconciliation grid.

• Valuation Snapshot: no longer measures hours for determining non-accrual status if a credited service definition is based upon elapsed time.

Version 2009.12.1.30 - Released January 31, 2012

• Validations: reorganized validation screens and added more complete help.

• Compensation Limits: fixed possible problem with application of compensation limits when highest consecutive compensation was used in average.

• Web Portal Summary: adds ability to display participant summary on web portal for Participant logins.

• Person Validation: fixes problem displaying validations for an individual person.

• Average Earnings Period: adds additional average earnings period determiation method.

Version 2009.12.1.12 - Released January 12, 2012

• Valuation Snapshots: the layout of valuation snapshot screens has been broken into pieces to include add and manage snapshots screens.

• Valuation Snapshot Compare: adds ability to compare data for two snapshots.

• Account Transactions: fixes problem in which additional account transactions were being applied on rehire date if set up as a formula rather than reported amount.

• Service Reported Amount Override: fixes problem in which a reported amount override in a one-day service sub-period was not being applied.

• Account Calculation Detail: additional detail has been added to printed results for account calculations.

• Sponsor Validation: enhancements to validation results screen have been made to improve ability to filter and extract results.

Version 2013.13.12.24 - Released - December 24, 2013

• Dual Status Participant and QDRO: when a participant is receiving both a QDRO annuity and retirement annuity, the participant is now properly treated as a dual status participant.

• Valuation Extract and Text Conversion: new option allows Reported Amounts with conversion values to have the converted text appear in the valuation extract file.

• Data Request: fixes problems with prior release that were causing DB Precision to stop working in certain situations upon the creation of a data request.

• Application .Net Configuration: changes the way the application interacts with its own configuration file in order to remove an error that was displaying on application startup for certain machines where the user did not have full access to .Net features.

• Data Request and Dual Status Participants: fixes problems where benefit information was not displaying properly for dual status participants on the data request.

Version 2013.13.11.21 - Released - November 25, 2013

• Plan Number Change: fixes problem where changing a document's plan number was not automatically changing the plan number indicated for a Person Worksheet.

• Becoming Eligible on Plan Freeze Date: counts a person who became a participant on the plan freeze date as eligible (had been treated as ineligible).

• Person Worksheet Columns: users can now use the lookup button in columns for reported amount that have a conversion table.

• Person Notes: Users can now create Person notes for a person which also allow the notes to be displayed as messages upon certain actions such as opening a person.

• Windows 8.1 Compatibility Problem: fixes problem occuring after users upgraded to Windows 8.1 in which an error message was displayed on login.

• Snapshots and No Reported Amounts: prior to this version, if a snapshot was run for a plan sponsor that had no reported amounts, the snapshot process would abort.

• Floating IRC - 417(e)(3) Mortality Table: fixes problem in which the 2014 and 2015 mortality tables were not being used when the floating mortality table option was selected.

• Data Request: for benefit amounts that are dynamically calculated, the calculated benefit amount is now properly displayed on the request and a hidden column has been added to the terminated vested tab to indicate those benefits which are calculated.

• Derived Dates with Points Requirements: fixes problem where dates with a points requirement could be off a month for participants that terminated.

Version 2013.13.10.22 - Released - October 22, 2013

• Archive Document Types: adds the ability to store additional document types in the archive (other than pdf files) including Word and Excel documents.

• Data Request: fixes problem while creating data request where information shown on the Terminated Vested tab was not properly being displayed when the checkbox "Do not reflect changes made to data since last snapshot" was checked.

• Valuation Snapshot: fixes problem when creating a Valuation Snapshot in which selecting "Active only" or "Retired only" for Minimum Disctribution Count was not properly displaying such records.

• Data Cleanup Wizard: when "Check Terminated Vested Participants for missing benefits and calculate amounts" and "Process recommended tasks" were both checked and a plan had multiple documents, plan number was always defaulting to the lowest plan number. With this version, it will use the selected plan number when creating the benefit.

• Data Cleanup Wizard: when "Search individuals receiving payment for extra deferred benefit" and "Process recommended tasks" are both checked, the deferred benefit is now properly deleted.

• DATEADJUST Function: this function has been modified so that fractional years and months can now be used (prior to this release, only integer year and month values were reflected).

• Valuation Snapshot: allows for the extract of text values of Reported Amounts that are formatted as text in the valuation extract file.

• Valuation Detail: adds column numbers to the display of a Person's salary amounts, reported amounts and calculated amounts.

• System Import: confirms that plan number of a benefit payments exist for a sponsor during the import process.

Version 2013.13.8.12 - Released August 13, 2013

• TWB Projection Percentages: corrects for a problem in which the taxable wage base assumptions greater than 0% were not being reflected in projected amounts.

• Actuarial Equivalence Provision: fixes problem in which mortality projection parameters were not being grayed out when the mortality table was not being projected.

• Sponsor Task Definitions: adds ability to specify sponsor tasks that can then be tracked within DB Precision. This is part of the enhanced Worktrack.

• Floating IRC - 417(e)(3) Mortality Table Options: updated for the newly published 2014 and 2015 mortality tables.

• Enhanced Worktrack: revises Worktrack to allow for one or more tasks to be specified with configurable steps that are then tracked by the system.

• Benefit Determination Type: allows for the import and export of benefit determination type (tells the system to whether benefit amount is stored or dynamically calculated for a person).

• System Validations: the date after which reported amounts are excluded when performing validations now equals the current date rather than the latest validation date.

• Data Request: when the option "Do not reflect changes made to data since the last snapshot" is not checked, on the Terminated Vested tab of the data request, the benefit amount and payment start date now reflect the latest benefit information (and do not come from the latest snapshot).

• Export Definitions: allows a user to choose a particular default Assumption Definition for each Export Definition.

Version 2009.13.6.6 - Released June 6, 2013

• New Account Transaction Type: new type of account transaction is available that overrides the account balance as of the transaction date.

• Function of Service: fixes a vector out of range error that could occur when calculating a Function of Service definition that applied rate changes to all years of service.

• Average Earnings Amounts: adds new option when allocating reported amounts to averaging units. The new option, "Add latest on period start" includes the amount with the latest effective date as of the averaging period's start date.

• Prohibited Calculation Dates: fixes problem where the use of prohibited calculation dates (web portal settings) was causing all calculations to be prohited on the web portal.

• PIA Calculations and Rate of Pay: changes the way PIA is calculated for rates of pay reported amounts. In the past, when pay was used as Social Security earnings when calculating PIA, the amount was always allocated based upon start date. Now however, these amounts are treated as a rate of pay as long as proration has been selected for its allocation.

Version 2009.13.4.23 - Released April 23,2013

• Benefit Import: fixes problem in which the import of a benefit effective date change did not show up in the import transaction list.

• PIA Detail Export: adds the ability to export PIA calculation detail (prior to this update, only the PIA amount could be exported).

• Valuation Snapshot: corrects problem with version 2009.13.4.10 in which two dialog boxes with dates would appear when executing a valuation snapshot.

• Valuation Snapshot Inactives: fixes problems determining active/non-accruing when the option "Use estimated full year accrual" is chosen.

Version 2009.13.4.10 - Released April 10, 2013

• Hours Based 5-Year Service Breaks: new option has been added which allows system users to exclude service prior to a 5-year service break in which a participant worked 500 or fewer hours for 5 consecutive years (provided that person is not already vested prior to the break).

• SSN Changes: fixes problem occuring when SSN is changed for a person where part of that person's database transaction history could become unlinked from the person.

• Lifecount Reconciliation: includes option to exclude individuals that are ineligible at both the beginning and end of the reconciliation period.

• Shortened Names: allows a user to specify a shortened name for a Plan Sponsor or Document. This shortened name then appears in the document tab header for easier display.

• TV Due Benefit Payment Report: includes ability to provide payment age for individuals who a have a unpaid benefit payment where the payment start date is unknown.

• License Limits: once a user has logged in within the user license limit, that user is no longer affected by other users that exceed the license limit.

• Person Worksheet Column Headers: users can now override the headers displayed in Person Worksheets.

• Person Worksheet on the Web Portal: Person Worksheets can now be viewed by Sponsor Contacts inside the PensionSoft Web Portal.

• Reported Amount Termination Date Caps: Reported amounts that have their effective dates and stop dates capped at termination date can now specify reasons for termination that will not cap these dates.

Version 2009.13.3.6 - Released March 7, 2013

• Plan Amounts Calculated in Snapshot: for participants with non-participating statuses where there is no employment history for a person, plan amounts that are calculated as part of a snapshot that also require an employment history no longer stop the processing of the snapshot (those amounts now show as 0).

• 415(b) Benefit Limit: fixes problem where early reduction under 415(b) could result in an understated benefit limit.

• NRD and Vesting: corrects for problem when NRD could not be evaluated for a person and a participant would then be treated as vested.

• User Access to Restore and Delete: a new option to restrict a User's rights to restoring and deleting person data has been added.

• Plan Document Find: when doing a find in a plan document to search for item references, when a search results returns a definition that is contained in a folder, the folder name is now also displayed.

• Protected Accrued Benefits: when a benefit payment set definition is indicated as having benefits that never decrease, this protection is now also applied when using the CALCULATE function as well as for late retirement calculations.

• Val Extract Payment Form: if a participant is receiving benefit payments that include a J&S component, and the beneficiary dies, the payment form extracted for the valuation is now overridden in the extract to be a life annuity payment form.

• Average Earnings and Amount Minimums: fixes problem with average earnings where reported amounts used as earnings minimums were not being reflected in certain partial earnings units.

• 417(e)(3) FLoating Mortality: corrects for problem in which the mortality table used for an annuity factor was always based upon the factor measurement date, even if an annuity factor was supposed to use actuarial equivalence as of some other date.

• SSN Changes on Import: fixes problem where the person name appearing on the SSN change import results screen could be blank or invalid.

• Web Calculation Assumptions: web calculator will now use a plan's default benefit calculation assumptions if one has been indicated when processing calculations.

Version 2009.13.2.5 - Released February 6, 2013

• Inter-period Fixed Fraction Interest Crediting: fixes problem occuring when calculating interest that uses a fixed fraction when calculating interest on inter-period transactions.

• Calculation Date: fixes problem when referencing a calculation date in an account transaction that occured after termination date, and before the account determination date.

• GETCATCHUPLIMIT: new function has been created that allows one to get the DC catchup limit in a formula.

• GETDCLIMIT: new function has been created that allows one to get the 415(c) DC limit in a formula.

• GETDCDEFLIMIT: new function has been created that allows one to get the DC deferral limit in a formula.

• Reported Amounts: now have option to store text in a reported amount field.

• Export of Reported Amounts: now have option export reported amounts directly from an export Export Definition.

Version 2009.13.1.2 - Released January 2, 2013

• Average Earnings Display: fixes problem occuring when highest averaging is selected and neither the 401(a)(17) limit or a static earnings limit are applied. Earnings not used in the average were appearing as $0.00 rather than the actual earnings amount in the calculation output.

• Service Breaks: when a service definition has a freeze formula coded and there is a break in service, the freeze formula is now only applied to active service periods. This allows service breaks to be measured beyond the service freeze date for purposes of applying break in service rules.

• Status Determination: corrects for problem in which a participant was terminated, cashed out and then rehired was still being treated as a cashout until participation service was a non-zero amount, even if participation date was on or prior to status determination date.

• Web Calculation Requests: adds option to allow/disallow benefit calculation requests that have payment start dates that are more than 6 months in the future.

• Data Request: adds option to not display ineligibles on data request.

• Data Request: adds option to show a separate column which asks for benefits increased by a COLA for retired and disabled participants.

• Future Historical Date: if a user creates a historical date for a person that is in the future and not estimated, a warning is now displayed.

• Person Calculation Results: if a user chooses to store a benefit and a benefit with the same annuity commencement date already exists, that benefit is now replaced by the newly calculated benefit.

• Benefits Wizard: adds an option to list people that have been paid a lump sum and still have a deferred benefit stored.

• Unable to Locate Indicator: includes an option to indicate that a participant cannot be located such that this participant is no longer valued or included in valuation lifecount.

• Plan Note: adds new option to display a Plan Note message upon creation of a data request.

• Worktrack Filter: adds additional filters on Worktrack to allow filtering on billing and task owner.

• 415(b) Benefit Limit: provides ability to turn off application of the 415(b) benefit limitation to a Benefit Payment Set Definition.

• 415(b) Limit Calculation Detail: a tab showing 415(b) calculation detail now appears when the 415(b) limitation is applied.

• Windows 8 Compatibility: includes changes making it fully compatible with Windows 8.

Version 2013.14.12.23 - Released - December 23, 2014

• Network Outage Alerts: includes option to notify through text or email if the portal internet listener becomes unresponsive.

• Data Request and Monthly Benefits Option: for benefit payments which are payable in the form of a lump sum, these amounts are no longer divided by 12 when benefits amounts on the data request are displayed as monthly amounts.

• Data Request and Terminated Vested Upcoming Benefit Payment: fixes problem where option to highlight terminated vested with upcoming benefit payments was not working properly.

• Social Security Level Income Option: adds ability to store benefit payment items for benefits with a payment form of Social Security Level Income option.

• Address Change Effective Date: stores the date that an address change was made.

• Limiting Internet Portal Access to Documents based upon Group Code: includes new option to restrict access to documents using the internet portal based upon participants group code.

• Account Provision Interest Rate Rounding: when the interest rate specified for a provision is a fixed rate, the precision of the rounding of a credited interest rate can never be less than the precision of the fixed rate entered.

• Secondary Additional Identifier: allows for the storage of a secondary additional identifier for reported amounts.

• Opening Document Using Windows Taskbar: eliminates application flickering which would occur when the application was opened through the Windows taskbar and multiple tabs were already opened.

Version 2013.14.10.29 - Released October 30, 2014

• Average Earnings and Service Freeze: when an Average Earnings Definition references a Service Definition (for building periods) and that service freezes based upon a formula (specified on the Service Definition screen), that average earnings determination is now also frozen as of that date.

• Status Determination Fix: if a participant is receiving a survivor annuity and was also paid a lump sum on or prior to payment start date, that participant is now treated as a beneficiary (had been considered a cashout prior to this fix).

• Delete All Sponsor Persons: this functionality is now restricted to System Administrators.

• Sponsor Transactions: system now records when sponsor data is restored or deleted in the Sponsor's transaction log.

• Small Benefit Cashouts: benefit amount is now changed to $0 if the calculated amount for this option exceeds the limit.

• Relative Value Display: show relative value as "Same" if value is within the allowed relative value corridor.

• Specification of Prior Snapshot: allow users to specify prior snapshots for purposes of doing new snapshots or creating a data request.

• Archive Export: users can now change the details of an archive export by opening it within a plan sponsor and making changes. Those changes are then reflected in each exported person's archive.

• Search By Last Name: allow users to search for participants by last name on the Open screen if no plan sponsor has been selected (prior to this release, users could only search by SSN if no sponsor was selected).

• Benefit Payment Set Contributions Screen: fixes problem where annuity factor selection was not working properly and could cause the application to stop responding.

• Person Validations: corrects for an issue when validating rates of pay that use change corridor warnings in which warnings were not being displayed if the prior pay rate did not have a stop date equal to the day prior to the next pay rate's effective date.

• Calculation Printing: adds printing output which details the calculation of the accrued benefit history, 415(b) limit, and the determination of employee-paid benefits/non-taxable amounts.

• Benefit Payment and Modified Cash Refund: new entry of employee contributions with interest for a benefit payment allows DB Precision to now determine the underlying certain period for Modified Cash Refund forms of payment.

• Web Listener - Worktrack: fixes problem where email notifications sent upon update of a Worktrack task might not match the action that was taken.

Version - 2013.14.9.18 Released September 19, 2014

• Pension Portal Upload Notifications: allows for notifications to System Users when a participant and/or sponsor contact has uploaded a document through the portal.

• Derived Date Service Requirement: fixes potential problem with Derived Date determination where there was a service requirement that was not satisfied prior to a break-in-service (for people with breaks).

• Calculation Age Rounding: allows users to specify how age is to be rounded when age is chosen on the calculation or export screen (age had previously always been rounded to the next-highest coinciding first of the month).

• Opening Participant Within Worksheet: adds new option to open a participant by right-clicking a cell within a worksheet and then selecting "Open Participant" from the resulting menu.

• Projection of Bi-weekly Amounts: corrects for problems associated with the projection of bi-weekly reported amounts.

• Person Worksheet Creation for Internet Portal: changes the way that Person Worksheets are created on the Internet Portal to improve performance for large worksheets.

• Average Compensation and Partial Periods Rounded to Completed Months: fixes problem where partial periods were sometimes not being calculated correctly when rounded to completed months.

Version - 2013.14.8.15 Released August 18, 2014

• File Open - Filtered View Setting: allows a System User to specify that only assigned Plan Sponsors should initially be shown by default on the Open screen (Filter View).

• Automatic Update: pauses the final copy operation that completes the update process of the automatic update if DB Precision is still open on the User's machine.

• Participant Search: fixes problem occuring when a participant search was done on the File - Open screen on all plan sponsors where a plan sponsor had originally been selected upon first opening the screen.

• Minimum Distribution Listing: now includes non-accruing actives in the listing produced.

• SSN Changes: allows for an SSN to be changed when that new SSN matches the SSN of the same person in another plan sponsor. User's will be alerted when making such an SSN change on the Person's basic information screen.

• Export Definition: provides ability to specify Internet calculation display options that vary by export definition.

• User Account Control: no longer requires application to be launched using elevated administrative rights.

• Setup Configuration File: users can now create a setup configuration file that will automate database connection setup for additional installations.

Version - 2013.14.7.9 - Released July 10, 2014

• Benefit Election Form Requests: system checks Worktrack and see if there is already a request for a given calculation date and benefit commencement date in order to eliminate the chance for duplicate requests.

• Export Definitions: allows users to create custom messages/warnings for an Export Definition that can then be displayed as a message, warning, or critical error when running an export within DB Precision and/or using the Internet portal.

• Network Drive Mappings: allows for the explicit specification of network drive mappings to correct for problems in Windows 7 and higher where each drive would be need to be remapped when running under Window's User Account Control.

Version - 2013.14.6.12 - Released June 13, 2014

• Average Earnings Reported Amount: fixes allocation problem when a combination type "Add latest on period start" is selected.

• Valuation Snapshot: fixes problem where a non-blank, but invalid date ("1/1/0") could appear for NRD on the extract.

• System Output: provides a way to copy text which appears in the System Output windows so that it can then be pasted outside DB Precision.

• Data Cleanup Wizard: when selecting plan number for a sponsor that has more than one plan, validation errors are no longer appearing for all plans.

• Benefits Import: fixes problem importing benefits where if a person already had a benefit stored with either a J&S percentage or certain period, that percentage or period would be reflected in a newly imported benefit.

• Data Request: fixes formatting problem on J&S percentages appearing on the retiree tab of the data request.

• Data Request: fixes problem occuring when the latest valuation snapshot had multiple snapshots where two rows would appear for each person on the data request.

• Average Earnings Reported Amount Allocation: adds additional options for allocating earnings amounts to averaging periods.

• Help System: fixes problem where help system was sometimes failing to launch.

Version - 2013.14.4.7 - Released April 9, 2014

• Wortrack Emails: fixes problem in which Worktrack generated emails that were in html format were displaying as text.

• COLA Imports: fixes problem in which importing a COLA benefit could result in a database primary key violation error.

• Benefit Payment Screen: modified to support more than 10 benefit tabs as well as allow for the deletion of the benefit in the left-most (most recent benefit) tab.

• TV Due Payment Report: no longer displays individuals on this report that are no longer terminated vested.

• Optional Form Relative Value Override: allows users to override the relative value for an optional payment form.

Version - 2013.14.3.2 - Released March 3, 2014

• Valuation Snapshot: adds ability to run more than one snapshot on a single Effective Date.

• DBVAL and Snapshots: adds additional support for DBVAL snapshots extracts including proper mapping for status codes and payment forms.

• Mortality Scale BB: allows for mortality projection using the new mortality projection Scale BB - 2D.

• Reported Amount Projection Assumptions: new option has been added to project reported amounts based upon amounts reported in a reporting period rather than only using the latest amounts.

• New Plan Wizard Options: new plan wizard options simplify the process of creating status code and CALCULATE function formula derived items.

Version 2013.14.1.15 - Released - January 15, 2014

• System Export: fixes problem when exporting from a plan document where the wrong derived date or formula derived item could be selected after retrieving stored calculation inputs after either a formula derived item or date was selected without closing and reopening the plan.

• Run As Administrator: automatically elevates Windows User Account Control (UAC) to administrator rights upon application startup.

• Person Tabs: adds first initial to each person tab that is opened to make it easier to identify people when two people with the same last name are opened in separate tabs.

• Benefit Determination Type: added ability to view and edit within a Person Worksheet.

• Late Retirement after Termination Date: now measures benefits at date of termination if terminated after NRD but prior to actual retirement date.

• Internet Listener: fixes problem where internet listener was unable to process requests for sponsors with plans that had no export definition which acted as a default export for participant requested calculations.

• Default Folder: now displays in the status bar.

• Validations: includes option to display group or location code on output.

Version 2013.15.11.30 - Released - November 30, 2015

• Right-click within Item Explorer: fixes problem where DB Precision would fail if a user right-clicked within Item Explorer when nothing was displayed in that tab.

• Late Retirement: when calculating benefits at Normal Retirement as well as year-by-year for late retirement, calculation date is now adjusted to the end of the prior month when a calculation date falls on the first of the month to correct for possible service calculation problems.

• Data Request: fixes display problem on data request which had resulted in Beneficiary Gender appearing as orange (indicating possible validation problem).

• Non-standard Screen Resolutions: fixes potential display problems from non-standard screen resolutions.

• New Plan Wizard: adds 25% and 100% J&S options as choices when selecting possible payment forms (100% had previously always been assumed to be a payment option).

• Worktrack Estimated Completion Date: corrects problem where Estimated Completion Date was always defaulting to 14 days instead of the timing specified in the Worktrack Task Definition.

• Renaming Item to a Name that Includes Less Than/Greater Than Signs: prevents these characters when renaming to prevent possible plan corruption which could occur if that renamed item was referenced in a formula.

• Plan Wizard: allows wizard to be used on Formula Derived Item folders (previously could only be used on root folder).

• Folder Sub Folders: fixes problem where a folder could not have multiple sub-folders.

• Lost Database Connnection: enables DB Precision to reconnect to the database when a connection to its underlying databases is lost.

• 415(b) Benefit Limit: includes updated mortality, adds new lump sum limits, and includes more detail in benefit calculation display.

• System User Name Suffix: enables dropdown allowing for the selection of name suffix for System Users.

• System User Job Title: allows users to include an ampersand in User and Sponsor Contact job title.

Version 2013.15.10.30 - Released - November 1, 2015

• Export after Copying From Another Definition: prior to this release, when copying one Export Definition to another new Export Definition with a Person open, when running that new export, the Person needed to be closed and reopened in order to get the export to have proper page headers.

• Sponsor Import Provision Screen: fixed problem where no item was selected after pressing the Wizard button to add new items and a user could then choose from the item type and detail lists even though no item was selected.

• Security Report: now includes Server Explorer Access on User tab of Security Report.

• Export Wizard: corrects problem in which the Plan Export Wizard would not close unless an item which required additional detail (average earnings for example) was also selected.

• Internet Calculations and Sponsor Contacts: when a sponsor contact completes a calculation using the portal and the underlying Export Definition includes sponsor contact items, those items now export for that contact (previously always exported information for the contact that was designated to be the plan administrator).

• Generational Mortality Projection: adds new generational mortality table projection option for actuarial equivalence definitions (had previously only allowed generational mortality projection when BB-2D mortality projection was selected).

• Beneficiary Address: adds ability to store beneficiary address information which is separate from participant address.

• Internet Listener Logout: fixes problem when logging out from a listener account and logging back in as regular user (without closing DBP) where exports and snapshots could then not be run.

• Beneficiary Gender on Data Request: adds beneficiary gender to active, non-accruing, and terminated vested tabs to be consistent with other tabs on data request.

• Participant Search: fixes problem when searching using the File Open screen for a Person by last name within a sponsor. In prior versions, an error message would then appear and prevent the display of the search results.

• 2016 417(e)(3) Mortality: corrects for problem in which 2016 417(e)(3) mortality was not being used when developing projected amounts.

• Server Explorer: prior to this release, if a user who had access to Server Explorer did not have the window enabled on login, checking the View button would not display server results until logging out and logging back in.

• Reported Amounts: removes the automatic assumption that reported amounts that were indicated as being group/location code would automatically be allowed to have effective and stop dates that went beyond termination date.

• Social Security Late Retirement: includes a correction to the PIA late adjustment factor which could result in an incorrect factor.

• Social Security Zero Earnings Date: adds a new option when projecting earnings for social security to specify some date beyond which earnings should be assumed to equal $0.

• Export Provision Screen: includes simplified item selection on Export Provision screen.

• COLA Rate Maximum: fixes display problems found on the annuity factor and conversion factor definition screens for the COLA rate maximum.

• Office 2007 Support: includes modifications to setup routines to add back in support for Office 2007.

• Reported Amounts Date Format: fixes display problem where a date could be displayed with an improper format on the Person Reported Amount screen.

• Read Only Access: blocks users from renaming items when they have read-only access to a sponsor or document. Previously, access to changing a read-only document was only tested upon saving an item.

• State/Local Withholding: adds new variables for state and local withholding to be consistent with federal withholding information.

• Enhanced Portal Participant Summary: adds new Internet Portal setting that allows participant users to view current accrued benefit and other additional information upon first login on the main page.

Version 2013.15.9.16 - Released - September 17, 2015

• Sponsor Contact Fax Number Export: the phone number for a Sponsor Contact now exports properly.

• System User Phone and Fax Number Export: fixes problem where phone number and fax number were appearing as both a formatted number and extension when exporting.

• Partial Average Earnings Period Determination: when the partial period calculation method of Averaging Period Service is used along with an averaging method of highest consecutive, and partial periods are included without annualization, partial periods are now properly calculated using the service specified (rather than elapsed time).

• Includes 2016 417(e)(3) Mortality: when the mortality table [Floating IRC - 417(e)(3)] is chosen and a calculation is run for 2016, this recently published mortality is now used.

• Female Mortality Table and Unisex Projection: when a unisex mortality table is chosen and a unisex projection table is used to project that mortality, the female mortality table is now properly projecting.

• Updated Interface: includes updates to several interface components including new ribbon and screen elements as well as updated dialog buttons.

• Online Help: eliminates usage of desktop help (chm) and now fully integrates with our online help system.

• Deleting a Person when there is no access to the portal database: corrects for problem where the application would fail when trying to delete a Person when DB Precision was unable to establish a connection to the portal database.

• Exporting Twice: fixes problem where DB Precision would not pre-populate the Export Definition name with the last export that was run when exporting for a second or subsequent time.

• Payment Form Wizard: on both the Annuity Factor Definition and CAF Factor Definition screens, when pressing the select button, the payment form list is now pre-populated with the form that has already been selected.

• Clipboard Support for Person and Plan Notes: includes ability to copy/paste person notes as well as adds Windows clipboard support so that these notes can also be pasted to external text editors such as Word or Notepad.

• Average Earnings Formula Derived Item Overrides: eliminates automatic termination date cap when calculating Average Earnings Reported Amount Formula Derived Item overrides.

• Average Earnings Reported Amount Allocation: adds new allocation type that allows users to define a reported amount to be a period override.

• Account Calculation Results: corrects for problems with the printout of calculation results.

• Import Provision Screen: includes changes to the Import Provision screen to split the item selection box into two boxes, categories and details.

• New Importable Items: adds ability to import several new items that were not previously importable such as certain benefit components as well as bank information.

• Editing SSN in Worktrack: fixes problem in which a Person's SSN in Worktrack could sometimes not be edited.

• Usage Statistics: corrects problem where DBP usage statistics were not being properly recorded.

• GETBENLATEST Function: corrects problem where deferred benefits were not being ignored, even when the function parameter to ignore such benefits was set equal to TRUE.

• System Password Requirements: when the system settings indicate that user passwords may not contain, first name or last name, and administrator tries to change the password for a new user, the system now allows the password change (had been prohibiting password changes for new users).

• Internet Listener Log: includes new option to be able to view message log from portal listeners.

• Server Explorer: new window, Server Explorer, allows designated users to view real-time status of Internet listeners.

• Average Earnings Break-in-Service Lookback Exclusion: fixes problem in which breaks-in-service periods were always excluded when determing lookback period (even if the definition was set to include these periods for purposes of measuring lookback).

• Portal Access for Sponsor Contacts: adds additional restrictions to prevent Sponsor Contacts from accessing participants where they do not have access.

• Date Format for Reported Amounts: includes new date format for storage and display of Reported Amounts.

• Web Portal Statistics: adds sponsor login counts to the portal statistics screen as well as corrects for problems with identifying participant logins from a sponsor contact opening a participant.

Version 2013.15.7.28 - Released - July 29, 2015

• SQL Server Compatibility: fixes problems with Person Worksheet sorting when the SQL Server Compatibility Level is raised to SQL Server 2012 or higher.

• SQL Server Password: prohibits users from using a password that is longer than 16 characters in length for the standard SQL Server login (passwords greater than 16 characters are not allowable due to encryption limitations).

• Database Configuration: when configuring database settings on a network client machine, no longer allows more than 5 attempts at configuration before the application closes itself (users that did not know the proper configuration settings would not otherwise be able to close DB Precision).

• Automatic Updates and 64-bit OS Installations: includes a new version of PSUpdate that is optimized for 64-bit operating systems.

• Service Eligibility and Earliest Eligibility Date Formula: no longer requires Service Eligibility Provisions to exist in order to apply an Earliest Eligibility Date Formula.

• Assumption Definition Renaming: now properly updates all references to an Assumption Definition if it is renamed.

• 64-Bit Operating Systems and Automatic Updates: for DB Precision installations that are running on a 64-bit operating system, Automatic Updates now checks to see whether the 32-bit version (rather than the 64-bit version) of DB Precision has been installed and, if so, downloads/updates the 32-bit version.

• System Setting Dialog: reloads System Settings before displaying the System Setting dialog box (prior to this change, one system administrator could inadvertantly overwrite a change to the system settings that was made by another admininstrator).

• Check for Updates: ribbon bar includes a new option to check the PensionSoft update server for available updates to DB Precision.

• Deleting a Document within an Archive: fixes problem where a document would appear as if it had not been deleted if a user deleted a document from within an archive, closed the Archive Detail screen, and then went back into that screen prior to closing the Manage Archives screen.

• Security Reports: includes ability to generate a report within DB Precision which summarizes system security.

• Account Transactions: users may now specify how to allocate reported amounts when an account transaction is based upon a reported amount.

• Adding Archives: fixes problem where a user who added two archives at the same time (within 1 second) could create a primary key violation in the database, inadvertantly causing the archives to merge together.

• Archive Imports: adds a sponsor archive row when archives are imported so that these archives can be subsequently edited or deleted within the sponsor.

• Account Interest: when interest is credited using a fraction for interim transactions, fixes problem where interest on the beginning of year balance in the final year was being credited with a full year of interest.

• Spaces in Prohibited Password or Email Phrases: removes spaces when users enter prohibited email or password phrases.

• Average Earnings Calculations Beyond Term Dates: if an average earnings definition uses an underlying service definition that extends past termination date, the calculation of average earnings is now allowed to also extend beyond that termination date.

• Import and Export Wizard Category Selection: includes dropdown boxes on both the import and export wizard screens which allows users to choose an item category thereby reducing the number of item choices.

• Export Compress: plan export provision screen now includes button to compress column numbers so that all columns in an export are sequential and without empty columns.

• Minimum Password Requirements: when portal passwords are generated within DB Precision, they are now consistent with the minimum password requirements defined for the sponsor (in portal settings).

• Formula Tooltip Flickering: eliminates problem of tooltip flickering in formula boxes.

• Benefit Payment Set Contribution Accounts: fixes issue where one could not define more than one account for employee contributions in a Benefit Payment Set.

• Benefit Payment Optional Benefits: adds a new choice for an optional form of benefit payment to reduce the optional benefit amount by the employee paid portion of the benefit.

• Average Earnings Amount Adjustment: the adjustment ratio applied when amounts are adjusted by some hours ratio can now be rounded prior to applying the adjustment.

• Lifecount Reconciliation: lifecount reconciliation report now displays the listing of status change transactions that occured during the period.

• Allowable Benefit Payment Options: fixes problem in which some benefit options might be incorrectly excluded under IRS Reg 1.401(a)(9) due to problems with binary precision when evaluating limits.

• System Settings - Password Requirements: System Administrators may now specify password requirements for system users such as minimum length, character requirements, and password expiration.

• Level Income Option: allows level income option to include contingent fractions and certain periods (previously was only treated as a life annuity type of benefit form).

• DC Formula Functions: fixes problem with the functions GETDCDEFLIMIT, GETDCLIMIT, and GETCATCHUPLIMIT where limits for prior years were based upon calculation date rather than the year specified in the function.

Version 2013.15.6.19 - Released - June 19, 2015

• New Plan Wizard: corrects application stability problems that could occur when running the New Plan Wizard.

• Minimum Distributions and Lump Sums: correctly treats participants that received minimum distributions in the form of a lump sum as a dual status participant (active and lump sum) when determining status.

• GETRPTAMT Function: includes this new formula function which is similar to the reported amount lookup function, RPTAMTLOOKUP, but with additional functionality.

• Data Request: when the option to display benefits on the data request as monthly amounts is selected, the application no longer fails.

• New Plan Wizard - Rev Rul 76-47: includes option to develop actuarial conversion factors using Rev Rul 76-47.

• Data Request - Prior Val Date: uses prior snapshot chosen to determine prior valuation date that is shown on the data request.

• Internet Listener: when a connection to the internal database server is lost, the application is able to recover as soon as a database connection is once again available. This issue often resulted in the listener getting stuck in a loop attempting to delete all requests from the web server (when the database server was rebooted overnight).

• New Portal Security Settings: new options have been added which allow email and password selection by participant users to be restricted.

Version 2013.15.5.19 - Released - May 19, 2015

• Benefit Payment Set: no longer automatically caps calculation date at termination (if one exists) when exporting Benefit Payment Set amounts.

• Window Display After New Installation: after initial installation, the application no longer appears minimized on second and subsequent logins.

• Employee Contributions: no longer requires that an annuity factor for converting balance to an annuity be selected when there is no employer remaining benefit after contributions are taken.

• Participant Deletes or SSN Changes and Portal: if a participant is deleted in DB Precision or an SSN change is made, that change now automatically updates information for such changes on the pension portal.

• Prior Status on Valuation Extract: fixes problem in which prior status would only appear on the valuation extract file if the prior valuation date chosen was equal to the current valuation date.

• New Name Export Option: includes new option to export last name and suffix into a single column.

• Non-taxable End Date: allows users to export non-taxable benefit end date for benefits that have a non-taxable portion.

• Lifecount Reconciliation: when running a lifecount reconciliation for a second or subsequent time within a tab, DB Precision now preloads inputs from the prior reconciliation.

• Multiple Valuation Snapshots: allows for more than 2 valuation snapshots to be run on the same snapshot date.

• Locking a Snapshot and Run Date: fixes problem where run date was being updated to current date when locked by a user.

• Worktrack Notifications: now shows Worktack alerts on the Summary page of the portal, even if the portal user does not have rights to process the next step.

• Terminated Participant Portal Access: adds portal access rights for non-vested terminated participants.

• New Plan Sponsor Wizard: includes new wizard that simplifies the process of setting up a plan sponsor.

• Small Benefit Cashout CAF Factor: corrects issue where the CAF factor might appear as zero in calculation output even though there was a small benefit cashout amount calculated.

• Worksheet Control: limits 'Open Participant' option on Worksheets controls in application to Person Worksheets.

Version 2013.15.4.16 - Released - April 17, 2015

• Multiple Portal Listeners: includes support for multiple Portal Listeners.

• Service Period Reported Amount Proration: corrects for problem in which reported amount proration for partial service periods was not calculating properly.

• Average Earnings Dropout Threshold Proration: adds new option to prorate the threshold for dropping out an earnings unit when that period is partial.

• Export Definition Word Macro: includes ability to specify the name of a Word macro to be run after merging calculation results in Word.

• 415(b) Limit and Participation Service: for participants with no participation service but an accrued benefit, the 415(b) limit is no longer applied (was previously limiting people with benefit overrides but no service history).

• User Password: includes new option to require password reset by new DB Precision users after first login.

• Internet Listener: no longer requires that the Plan Sponsor be reloaded each time that an archive document is published to the portal (to improve efficiency).

• Export Messages: fixes problem in which changing the name of a Formula Derived Item that was tied to an export message was not resulting in a change to that message.

• Export Item Conversions: corrects issue in which changing a column number for an item that had numeric to text conversions defined could lose those conversions upon saving the Plan Document after the column number change.

• Account Interest Rate Options: adds several new variable rate choices for account balance interest crediting.

Version 2013.15.3.18 - Released - March 20, 2015

• GETBENLATEST and GETRETAMT Functions: fixes problem in which calling these functions would look at benefits paid from other plans for a person.

• Portal User ID Export: adds ability to include a Person's portal user ID in a Plan Export Definition.

• Renaming Benefit Payment Set Optional Form: fixes problem where renaming an optional benefit would incorrectly result in a change to the optional benefit name of an export item that originally had the same optional benefit name but was for a different Benefit Payment Set Definition.

• Opening A User / Read-only Error: prior to this release, when a system administrator opened another user and then made changes, sometimes the system would prevent changes to the user indicating that the user was opened read-only, even if that user was not logged in.

• Val Snapshot ACD: fixes a problem in which the ACD on a snapshot could be wrong for a dual-status participant where the ACD for the primary benefit was equal to the ACD on the secondary benefit if the secondary benefit ACD preceded the ACD for the primary benefit.

• Female Mortality CAF Factors: prior to this release, there was a problem where CAF factors that used female mortality and an age setback could result in the CAF factor not computing.

• Printed Output: includes formatting updates for some of the standard print output.

• New User Setup: if setting up a new user in DBP and entering information for the first time, DBP can optionally set up the ID based upon name information provided.

• User Group Renaming: when renaming a User Group, that name now gets updated for all Users that are part of that group.

• Worktrack Steps Not Showing: fixes problem where Worktrack steps tab would not show in DBP if the user had opened the task without the sponsor being opened.

• Portal Settings: allows portal settings to be changed within DB Precision (previously, new portal settings could only be changed in the portal by an Administrator).

• Plan Wizard: adds additional options when setting up a new plan for items such as cash balance, career average, and contributory plans.

• PIA Level Income Option: fixes problem when determining PIA level income benefit options on non-integer ages.

Version 2013.15.2.19 - Released - February 19, 2015

• Office 2013 Support: adds support for Office 2013 integration.

• Alternative Termination Status Determination: allows users to indicate that a termination has occured when a participant fails to accrue service for some period.

• Person Worksheet Manual Sorting: fixes problem when manually sorting data through the DBP menus where numbers were being sorting like strings and not sorting properly.

• Plan Export Provision Copy/Paste: adds ability to paste to multiple selected items after copying an export item.

• Account Provision Interim Transaction Interest Crediting: adds new option to not credit interest on interim transactions while still crediting partial year interest on all other account amounts.

• Export Wizard: fixes problem found on the Plan Export Wizard screen when average earnings was selected in which detail choices were not displaying properly.

• Windows Server 2008 and Error Message on Application Close: corrects for error which was being displayed upon application closing in Windows Server 2008.

• Auto-update Utility: updated to properly connect to the new PensionSoft update server.

• Benefits Import: fixes problem where when importing data where plan number is not specified in the import file but rather is selected by the user on the import screen, a benefit payment already exists but the latest benefit is different from the benefit being imported, then plan number of the imported benefit is that of the latest benefit rather than the plan number selected on the import screen.

• Benefits Import: corrects for problem on import where bringing in a benefit with the same payment start date but different benefit amount could result in a second benefit being created. Note that this only occured with sponsors that had additional plans beyond one.

• Worktrack Safeguards: prevents users from adding or reordering Worktrack steps if there are active Worktrack tasks for that task definition.

• Worktrack Task Renaming: if a Worktrack task definition is renamed, any existing tasks are also renamed.

Version 2013.15.1.27 - Released - January 27, 2015

• Service Amounts Bank: adds option to accumulate hours in a bank to be used for future service years.

• Worktrack Email Notifications: fixes problems which were preventing email notifications within the new version of Worktrack.

• Person Worksheets: corrects for a problem wherby including bank name in a worksheet would prevent it from being opened.

Version 2016.16.12.14 - Released 12/14/2016

• Person Printing: corrects printing issue when a participant has a large number of historical dates.

• Portal Calculations: now properly records the portal owner (administrator, sponsor, or participant) for when a benefit calculation is stored within the portal.

• Benefit Requests: when a portal user makes a benefit request, the calculation date is automatically reduced by 1 day if equal to the payment start date (similar to the way benefit estimates through the portal are handled).

• Late Retirement Factor: corrects issue when exporting late retirement factor where less than 3 ratchet rows are displayed within the calculation.

• Portal Calculations: adds new options to override the portal wording displayed for calculation date, payment start date, and lump sum date.

• Portal Calculations: adds new options to hide calculation dates and payment start dates.

• Archive Display: expands the number of archive documents listed in the archive screens within DB Precision.

• Important Documents: DBP now prohibits users from indicating a document as being an important document without also providing a menu title.

• RPTAMTLOOKUP: function has been modified to allow for two optional additional parameters which allow for lookups to ignore estimated and/or projected amounts.

• User Deletion: when a System User is deleted, all sponsor access (Sponsor User access) is now automatically deleted for that user.

• Database Restore: corrects issue in which orphaned database records could prevent a restore from completing.

• Database Restore: when a database restore is interrupted, the application no longer shows a success message.

• Database Restore: limits restore privileges to System Administrators.

• Portal Listener: when a user creates a document while calculating or uploads a document as part of a request, the document listing is now automatically updated to reflect the newly created document.

• Portal Listener: when the Internet Listener is unable to save a document, an empty archive is no longer created.

• Average Earnings: when calculating using highest-consecutive periods, explicitly prevents the usage of an average that is less than the average period when at least one average uses the full averaging period.

• Portal and Estimated Beneficiary DOB: if a participant's beneficiary date of birth is estimated, it is no longer displayed on the portal.

• Account Export Detail: when exporting account information for an Account Definition, users can now export any detail (not just the balance).

• Portal Worktrack History: now includes display of user ID.

• Portal Security: includes status code on portal security screen and corresponding printout.

• File Open Screen: the status types shown on the Open screen are now consistent with those shown as of the last snapshot date (in Item Explorer).

• Data Request: fixes problem where data request was showing estimated items on the request, even if the user indicated that such amounts should not be displayed.

• Data Request: corrects issue wherby the application could stop responding if a participant did not have a reconciliation row for the selected prior snapshot.

• Portal Listener: allows bank information to now be saved.

• Portal Listener: use PensionSoft's PSPack for tranmitting participant data more quickly to the portal.

• Virus Scan: allows virus scan software used to be defined on a user-level (in addition to already being defined on a network-level). This allows for situations where virus scan paths or software varies across the network for listeners.

Version 2016.16.10.27 - Released 10/27/2016

• Database Restore: fixes problem where a restore would fail if restoring data for a sponsor that had a Person who was in multiple plans and who also had at least one Person Note.

• Beneficiary Information: when beneficiary information is changed to "No Beneficiary" for a Person, all information is now removed for that beneficiary when a User presses the OK button on the Beneficiary Information screen.

• IF, AND and OR Functions: treats all non-zero values in the first function argument as TRUE (previously did not allow negative values to be treated as TRUE).

• 415(b) Lump Sum: modified to reflect the lump sum limit based upon 105% of the lump sum determined using 417(e) mortality and rates.

• 415(b) Limit: includes ability to provide filter formulas that can limit which participants are subject to the 415 compensation limits as well as who is subject to special rules (pilot or police/fire for example).

• Version Number: DB Precision is now able to properly determine its own version number when it is named something other than the standard name.

• Internet Listener: if a participant is not eligible for benefits from a plan, DBP now prevents any benefit estimates and displays a message on the portal indicating that the participant is not eligible for plan benefits (rather than displaying a different error message such as a message regarding the inability to calculate NRD).

• Internet Listener: adds support for upcoming ability to allow users to edit and delete archives on the portal.

• System Import: fixes problems on some non-Windows 10 machines where the import process would get stuck on the first row for several minutes the first time that an import was done after DB Precision precision was opened.

• System Import: correct a problem when displaying import results when the option to replace all existing benefit information is selected where a person with no historical dates would appear as a new participant.

• System Import: displays the file row information on import results output.

• Plan Export: adds new options to export the unadjusted effective and stop dates for Reported Amounts.

Version 2016.16.9.26 - Released 9/26/2016

• Changing Opened User's Password: corrects issue when System Settings prohibit changing a user's password to one of their prior passwords whereby changing the password for an opened user was always prevented.

• Adding a Person Worksheet: automatically adds the first column as SSN (required for all worksheets) when adding a new worksheet for a sponsor.

• 417(e) Mortality: reflects newly published 2017 417(e) mortality.

• Terminated Non-vested on Portal: corrects issue where terminated non-vested participants were not appearing on the portal even when explicitly allowed in portal settings.

• Transaction Log: fixes issue where portal User ID was not being properly recorded or displayed in log.

• Minimum Distribution Report: problem where minimum distribution report could display required dates one year too early has been fixed.

• Phone Number on Worktrack Request: on notification emails sent, properly includes phone numbers (if any) provided with any request.

• Average Earnings Export Display: fixes some display issues on the Export Provision screen for Average Earnings Definition detail.

• Minimum Distribution Report: adds terminated vested participants to the list of possible required distributions.

• Benefit Fraction Import: now allows for the import of benefit fractions that are expressed as percentages.

• Updated System Architecture: includes updates to the underlying system architecture in order to align with Microsoft's latest development environment.

Version 2013.16.8.17 - Released 8/17/2016

• New Plan Wizard: fixes problem when the 100% Joint and Survivor benefit option is de-selected wherby certain related items are incorrectly created.

• GETAVGDETAIL Function: includes new function that enables users to get details of an average earnings calculation.

• Valuation Snapshot: stops the projection of Reported Amounts for the Average Earnings Definition used to develop the earnings array when running a snapshot.

• Average Earnings Determination: fixes display problems resulting from using an Average Earnings Definition which then cross-references another Average Earnings Definition (by using a Formula Derived Item override for a Reported Amount of that Average Earnings).

• Worktrack Prohibited Dates: when developing prohibited dates for Worktrack, the adjustment may now exceed 31 days (for when that adjustment is only days-based).

• Worktrack Task Limits: corrects for a problem which would occur when the limit of tasks per period was greater than 1. When a task definition had this, the number of tasks that could be requested was no longer being limited.

• Latest Benefit Statements/Highlights: when displaying the latest benefit statement or plan highlight, the latest statement was being displayed, even if participant portal access had been turned off for the latest statement. This has been fixed such that documents without participant portal access are now ignored when determining the latest statement to display.

• Plan Note Deletion: DB Precision now provides a warning when a user tries to delete a Plan Note to prevent accidental deletion of this type of item.

• New Sponsor Wizard: now creates a default Assumption Definition when the New Sponsor Wizard is run.

• Plan Export Wizard: corrects problem when using the Export Wizard to add columns for Reported Amounts where the item name incorrectly included "Person - Rpt Amt -" which then caused problems with the export.

• Averaging Consecutive Years with a Final Partial Period: now properly looks at the beginnning of the lookback period to check if including the first partial period results in a higher average.

• User Display on Open Screen: fixes a display problem on the Open screen of DB Presision where when opening a System User that was part of a group, the display of the user type was not reflecting the type for the group (admin versus standard user).

• New Sponsor Wizard: includes new option to start with an empty sponsor when using the New Sponsor Wizard.

• Sponsor-to-Sponsor Copy: corrects issue with sponsor-to-sponsor copy where the applicatioon would fail if the source sponsor included Sponsor Users or Worktrack Task Definitions.

• Portal Worktrack: includes new option to choose which completed tasks should be excluded from Worktrack's portal display.

• Worktrack Task Definition Screen: adds right-click, context menu support to the Worktrack Task Definition screen.

• Saving to Reported Amount or Benefit Upon Export: includes a new option to save any export item to either a Reported Amount or benefit payment upon export.

Version 2013.16.7.7 - Released 7/7/2016

• Service Detail Export: corrects issue wherby exporting service detail for a Person with a break-in-service could export zero rather than some detail value.

• Averaging Period Determination: adds new method for determining periods for average earnings - Completed Weeks.

• Listener Log: adjusts transaction times to the same time zone when the web server and portal listener reside in different zones and displays all transaction times using the local time zone.

• Portal Worktrack Creation: corrects for problems with worktrack task request/creation on the portal when the underlying participant is missing a hire date.

• First Projected Reported Amount: fixes problem with first projected partial reported amount which could cause the projected amount to be understated.

• Sponsor Reported Amount Deletion: includes new warning for when a user deletes a Reported Amount to avoid accidental amount deletion.

• Sponsor Reported Amounts: adds new option for a Sponsor Reported Amount to ignore/not ignore reported amounts with effective dates that are after the calculation or account determination date (previously, all such future amounts were ignored when running a calculation).

• 401(a)(17) Limit: includes correction to the 401(a)(17) limit when consecutive years are being looked at where the average includes a final partial year as well as a first partial year.

• Portal Email on Task Creation: when an email is generated upon task creation through the portal, the email that is sent now reflects the settings for a specific Worktrack Task Definition (does not show calculation date if this was not displayed on the request screen for example).

• Email on Task Completion: fixes issue wherby the email on task completion through the portal was not being sent.

• Description and Type for Document Uploaded Through Portal During Request: when documents are uploaded as part of a Worktrack Request in the portal, a default description and type for these documents can now be optionally specified within the Worktrack Task Definition.

• Import Conversion to Type and Data Truncation Error: corrects Data Truncation Error which would occur if entering a text to number conversion value where the value in the file exceeded 50 characters.

• Snapshot "View Participants in Excel" Feature: corrects problem that was occuring when there were multiple runs on a given snapshot date in which information displayed was always for the first snapshot run.

• Data Request Created within Sponsor: when a data request was created within a plan sponsor and subsequent requests were created for other documents for that sponsor, each subsequent request was created using the originally selected document. This has now been fixed.

• New Plan Wizard: when benefit statement export is included with a new plan, the statement type is properly selected as a Benefit Statement.

• Worktrack Request Marriage: stores whether participant is married or not married when request is made.

• Worktrack QDRO Indicator: stores whether or not a QDRO applies at time of request provided that the worktrack request also asks about prior marriage.

• Average Earnings Adjustment: corrects for issue in which the Rounding of Annualization Adjustment (see Dropout/Adjustment Rules screen) was not being used.

Version 2013.16.5.5 - Released 5/5/2016

• Portal Documents: when a sponsor document archive is an Important Document for either participants or sponsors but is not a document that appears on the standard Pension Documents list, the portal access icons shown on the portal are now correctly displayed.

• Person Notes: includes a validation to prevent a Person Note from exceeding 7,650 characters in length (and then preventing a Person with such a note stored from being able to be opened due to a data truncation error).

• Export of Service Unit Detail: corrects a problem when exporting for a Person with a break-in-service where the service detail was incorrectly including information for the break period as the latest row.

• Plan Freeze Wizard: running the wizard now also creates a Document Date for the plan indicating that the plan has been frozen.

• PIA Calculation: fixes problem when choosing to only look at the latest year of earnings rather than a full earnings history for calculating PIA wherby the first rather than last year of earnings history was used (should only look at latest earnings).

• Multiple Listeners: reflects a new way for Internet Listeners to identify themselves to avoid the risk of two or more listeners working on the same files.

• Server Explorer View: now only displays Internet Listeners that have valid User IDs and those that have been active within the last day.

• Worktrack Tasks: Worktrack settings are now defined on a Worktrack Task level (rather than Sponsor level). In addition, many new options for the request process have been added.

Version 2013.16.4.5 - Released 4/5/2016

• Portal Documents: uses more a new and more efficient method for publishing viewable document information on the pension portal which eliminates the need for document searches.

• New Hours Equivalency Rule: adds new hours equivalency rule for service determination where 1 working day = 8 hours.

• Late Retirement Calculation Output Display Problem Fixed: when using year-by-year ratcheting where the accrued benefit at each ratchet point is not a minimum amount, the date showing during all interim years now displays properly (had been displaying an invalid date).

• Automated Backup: includes new feature which allows for automatic database backups to be set up from within the application.

• Account Provision First Year Fraction Period Interest Crediting: fixes a problem where the first-year interest credit was not being prorated for a partial year when none of the Account Provision's transactions were formula-based.

• Word Merge Deactivation Problem: corrects problem in which Word becomes deactivated after merging to a new document (currently requiring the user to then either close the document and save, or select another application such as DB Precision and then reselect Word to reactivate).

• Listener Log: fixes display problem on the listener log where system errors were appearing with a user type of Participant (should be blank for such errors).

• Listener Log: adds row to the listener log when a connection to the portal database is made to help identify periods where the portal may have been down.

• Average Earnings Export Detail: includes new options for exporting average earnings calculation detail.

• Late Retirement: corrects problems with actuarial increase when past 70 1/2 where suspension of benefits notices have been issued or separate accrual increases from 70 1/2 are to be applied.

• Average Earnings Dropout Threshold: calculations now properly reflect adjusted threshold amounts when an adjustment to the required threshold is to be made for partial periods.

• Blank Worktrack Emails: includes internal checks to ensure that empty Worktrack emails are no longer sent when tasks are update in the portal.

• Worktrack Request Emails: modified to now include mailing address included with request (if any).

• Terminated Vested Not Meeting Participation Requirements Prior to Termination: allows participants that never met a plan's participation requirements to still be accessible within the portal.

• Owners of Document Uploads: when documents are uploaded through the portal, the type of user/owner is now recorded for that document.

• Dual Status Deferred Beneficiaries: benefit type for dual status deferred beneficiaries is now being properly recorded. Prior to this release, benefit type was not being recorded, causing data requests that used such snapshots to incorrectly display deferred beneficiaries without a beneficiary indicator on the terminated vested tab.

• Import of Popup Annuities: corrects for a problem when importing popup annuities where amounts being imported were being improperly overriden/cleaned up.

• Security Report: modified to include participant counts on the Sponsors tab.

• GETRETAMT Function: adds ability to this function to get the final non-taxable payment date.

• Person Worksheets: warn users upon opening a Person Worksheet if another user has a Person in the Sponsor open. In addition, prevent the saving of a Person Worksheet if other users have people of that Sponsor open.

Version 2013.16.2.24 - Released 2/24/2016

• Worktrack Task Updates: when an Administrator updates a Worktrack task using the portal, that User's ID is now recorded in the Worktrack history (User ID had been missing/blank for Administrators prior to this release).

• Deleting People in a Person Worksheet: users can now delete people using a sponsor's Person Worksheet by deleting the SSN in a worksheet row.

• Windows Logins: when a Windows login is specified for a DB Precision User, manual logins using that User's account are no longer allowed from within another Windows user's account.

• Task Definition Emails: corrects problem in which when trying to remove a user from the list of chosen email recipients from a task step, that user could not be removed from the distribution list.

• Dialog Button Bar: corrects for display issues with the dialog button bar for varying screen resolutions.

• License for Multiple Internet Listeners: fixes issue preventing the licensing of 10 or more Internet Listeners.

• Worktrack Settings: reflects removal of old Worktrack settings and includes clarified settings for new Worktrack.

• Worktrack Email: no longer sends out more than one email to an email address when a user is included as both a sponsor contact and administrator for a plan.

• Multi-listener Integration: includes additional checking to prevent redundant processing of the same portal task.

• Average Earnings and Averaging Period Determination: when an Averaging Period Determination method of "Averaging Period Service" is selected and the averaging unit is something other than Year, the resulting period is no longer expressed in terms of years.

• Beneficiary Date of Death: when a beneficiary date of death is stored for a person, that beneficiary's information is now disregarded if date of death is on or prior to the calculation date.

• Small Benefit Cashout Date: includes new option when running a calculation or export to set this date equal to Annuity Commencement Date (ACD).

• Date of Death: when running a calculation or export for a person who is deceased, the default cap on calculation date is now equal to date of death.

• Open Unmerged Word Document Option: when exporting to Word, a new option allows users to open the unmerged Word document. However, the default now when exporting is to have the document already merged when opened.

• Worktrack Task Status Display: when the latest change made to a task is to add a comment (without further action), this is no longer considered to be a change in status.

• Plan Export Wizard: adds ability to use the Plan Export Wizard to add reported amounts to an Export Provision.

• Email Settings: includes ability to configure an internal email account for sending portal-related messages.

• Portal Lister Log: users now have the ability to easily distinguish portal errors from other completed listener tasks.

• Database Selection on Login: corrects problem in which selecting something other than "Production" on the main login screen could result in a user receiving a login error.

• Worktrack Task Name: supports display of Worktrack Task name on the portal (now displayed in the Worktrack list - previously only showed task type).

• Office 2016 Support: adds support for Office 2016.

• Service Accrual Based Upon Reported Amounts: includes the ability to tie service accrual for participants to the values of reported amounts (group codes). This simplifies the coding for plans that have participants who transfer between different plans where the plan is indicated using reported amounts.

• Quick Calc: includes the long-awaited Quick Calc feature providing users a dynamic view of calculated items.

• Archive Deletion and Worktrack: when deleting an archive using DB Precision, any Worktrack tasks that reference that archive now have the archive automatically removed from the task.

• Worktrack Task Creation: when a Worktrack task is created using DB Precision, information such as spousal information and address is now prepopulated for the task.

Version 2013.16.1.12 - Released 1/12/2016

• Archive Image Editing: corrects for problem in which making a change to the Archive Image Detail screen for an archive (Person of Sponsor) then reloaded the image from the original document source (and imported any changes made to that original source document).

• Vesting Percentage and Calculating Benefit Payment Set in Optional Benefit: fixes problem where using the CALCULATE function in a benefit payment set option to calculate the accrued could cause an incorrect vesting percentage to appear (which is based upon the vesting percentage calculated as of the calculation date specified in the optional payment form formula).

• Portal Security Screen: no longer allows users to press the password Reset button on the Manage Internet Portal Security screen when no user has been set up (was causing the application to fail).

• Elapsed Time Service Calculation: adds new elapsed time service calculation, Worked Half Month

• Elapsed Time Service Calculation: adds new elapsed time service calculation, Nearest Half Month (10, 21)

• Single Sign on: includes new option to bypass system login based upon Windows login information.

• PIA Level Income Option: PIA level income option is now set equal to $0 if either a CAF factor formula is defined that results in a value of zero or the calculated Social Security amount equals $0.

• Worktrack Tasks: address information, phone numbers, and date of marriage can now all be both requested through the web portal and stored for a Worktrack task. In addition, display problems with Worktrack checklists not appearing properly on the portal have been corrected.

• Earnings Used for Highest (of any) Average: when "Highest" is chosen for earnings precedence within an Average Earnings Definition, DB Precision now gives preference to the most recent years when selecting earnings to use where earnings amounts are equal. Note that this will not result in a change in the average that is calculated but rather results in a change in the display of amounts used.

• Opening Read-Only: new option to open an item read-only (so that other users may gain write access to an item) has been added.

• View-only Access: when a user has view-only access to an item, it is now opened with read-only access.

• Tab Icon: fixes display problem where icon shown in newly opened tab appeared as a hummingbird rather than the item type until user brought mouse pointer over tab title.

• Sponsor Transactions: includes enhancements to the Sponsor Transactions screen that allow users to more easily isolate changes made to participant data.

• Internet Listener: now records portal user type (participant, sponsor, or administrator) and portal user ID in the transaction log.

• Data Request: fixes problem when creating data request where there were multiple runs in which the data used when creating the request would not correspond to the run number selected.

• Archive Import: corrects issue in which only one archive could be imported for a person within a single archive import.

• Internet Listener: access to the portal is now denied for both participants and sponsor contacts based upon status code access (found in the portal settings).

• Average Earnings Printed Output: modified to display the period fraction used rather than an indicator (showing which earnings are used/not used).

• Data Request: when a filter is applied to the data request, participants that have a benefit payable under the plan are no longer filtered out of the request.

• Data Request: the calculation date used for the data request filter (if any) is now equal to the prior valuation date (had been current valuation/request date).

• Data Request: when a lump sum after the prior valuation date is paid and changes after the prior valuation date are to be displayed on the data request, lump sum payments are now properly displayed on the data request.

• Copy/Paste: adds copy and paste support for User and User Group tabs.

• Drag/Drop: when an item in a tab is dragged and then dropped into a folder, that item now properly appears as bolded (to indicate that it has a pending change to be saved).

• Data Cleanup Wizard: fixes problem where database changes made by the Data Cleanup Wizard were not being recorded in the participant database log.

• Lifecount Reconciliation: corrects display issue with lifecount reconciliation involving participants who were terminated vested beneficiaries in the prior year that are now retired beneficiaries in the current year (footnote and reconciliation grid were both incorrect).

• Average Earnings Amount Allocation: adds new method for allocating reported amounts to averaging periods (Nearest month (months, days).

• Portal Benefit Statement Link: if a participant has no benefit statement or plan highlight documentin their archive but their plan sponsor displays the link in the participant summary, the link button is now hidden.

• Worktrack Report: includes the ability to generate a Worktrack report that shows the details of Worktrack tasks.

Current Beta Version

• 1.01: 2018 417(e)(3) Mortality: updated to include 2018 417 mortality rates.

• 1.01: Benefit Calculations: includes changes to the calculation screen that splits the plan items list into two lists in order to provide users with item selection by category.

• 1.01: New Plan Sponsor and Change Log: corrects error message that could display when saving a new plan sponsor.

• 1.01: Error Message Displayed upon Closing in Windows 7: fixes issue in Windows 7 where an error message would be displayed upon application close.

• 1.01: Import of Reported Amounts Prior to Hire Date: correct issue that could cause the import to get stuck on a Person that had a large number of Reported Amounts that were prior to original hire date.

• 1.01: Import Speed: includes changes that improve the speed of importing data.

• 1.01: 1099R Code and Exports: properly treats the 1099R code as a numeric value for export purposes in order to allow for numeric to text conversion.

• 1.01: Average Earnings Units Grouping: corrects problem with last release and item grouping which would occur when the averaging units available were less than the averaging period.

• 1.01: Portal Worktrack Task Type Selection: adds support for specification of Worktrack task type when a task is created on the portal.

• 1.01: Change Logs: now includes Grid button on sponsor and plan change logs for easier copy/paste of page items.

• 1.01: Cancelled Worktrack Task and Duplicate Requests: when checking for the existence of duplicate requests, now properly ignores cancelled tasks.

• 1.01: Worktrack Request Limits: includes new option when limiting Worktrack requests to include lifetime maximums.

• 1.01: Person Worksheet Benefit Editing: when changing a payment start date using a Person Worksheet, the corresponding date that appears on the benefit history will now also change.

Version 2016.17.10.3 - Released 10/3/2017

• Sponsor Change Log: records all changes made to a Plan Sponsor in a new log that is then viewable within that sponsor.

• Plan Document Change Log: records all changes made to a Plan Document in a new log that is then viewable within that document.

• Sponsor Portal Security Screen: corrects display issue with the last release where participant email address would not appear correctly for participants with no email.

• Worktrack Requests: includes an additional check when a Worktrack request is made to ensure that the requestor is a participant in the plan.

• Worktrack Request Email: if a sponsor has more than one plan, now includes plan number in the email sent when a Worktrack task is first created.

• Data Request - Historical Dates: includes option to display up to 3 historical dates other than hire/term dates (such as contributory start date) that will then appear on the data request.

• Data Request - Deferred Return of Contributions: a new tab on the data request has been created for participants that are due a return of contributions (such participants had previously been included on the Terminated Vested tab).

• Internet Portal Usage Statistic: corrects an overstatement of the count of the number of users logging in during a period. Prior to this release, the creation of a user was being treated as a log in event resulting in count overstatement.

• Calculation Results: when displaying calculation results where an item cannot be calculated as of the calculation date, a message indicates this prior to displaying results (prior to this release, the result would not appear in the result leading the user to need to draw this conclusion on his/her own).

• Age-based Late Retirement Factor Limit: replaces the static late retirement factor reasonability check with an age-based limit to remove the risk of this limit stopping calculations for much older individuals.

• Export Messages: when there are multiple messages (warnings or information) for an export of the same type, those messages are combined into a single message (prior to this version, only one message would display).

• Portal Worktrack Requests: prohibits participants that have been cashed out or are deceased to make a request through the portal.

• Average Earnings Bi-weekly Pay Units: adds support for a new averaging unit for bi-weekly pay.

• Average Earnings Units Grouping: includes a new option to group non-annual averaging units by year when determining average earnings.

• Service Accruals and Group Codes: makes improvements in calculation of service accrual when Reported Amount group codes are used such that stop dates and transfers are better reflected.

• Portal Beneficiary Editing: supports editing of non-primary beneficiary data.

• Form 8955-SSA: includes new tool to automate the process of determining information submitted on the Form 8955-SSA.

• Portal Benefit Payment Editing: supports editing of benefit payment information from within the portal as well as allows for the display and editing of a benefit payment's deferred indicator.

• Deferred COLA Option: contains ability to specify a deferral period for a COLA for both annuity factors as well as conversion factors.

• Conversion Factor Popup Indicator: corrects issue where the conversion factor popup indicator was incorrectly disabled for some definitions.

• Remote Support: includes our remote support tool directly in the application for easier support access.

• SSN Changes on Import: corrects problem which could cause DB Precision to fail on an import when that import included SSN changes.

• QDRO Participants and Lifecount Reconciliation: includes new footnote that identifies QDRO participants on the lifecount reconciliation.

• GETDETAIL Function and Accounts: corrects issue where transactions classified as "Account Interest" were being treated as normal deposits rather than interest deposits when using the GETDETAIL function.

Version 2016.17.8.15 - Released 08/15/2017

• Prior Year Benefit Payments: fixes issues with last release when determining this amount on the snapshot where there were problems with non-level annuities, sponsors with multiple plans, and sponsor with no prior snapshots.

• Sponsor Document Screen: corrects issue on the Sponsor Document screen when there are Document Dates, where certain items on the screen were then not being properly populated.

• Actuarial Equivalence and Pre-retirement Mortality: allows for the specification of separate pre-retirement mortality for Actuarial Equivalence when calculating annuity factors that include a deferral period.

• Existing Plan Wizard: adds functionality for creating standard exports (benefit statements, benefit calculations, and election forms) to the Existing Plan Wizard (previously, this functionality only existed within the New Plan Wizard).

• Plan Notes Filter: fixes issue where the filter for Plan Notes was not being validated on dialog close (which could then cause a problem after saving the Plan Document).

• Portal Registration: adds support for Portal Registration when creating portal user IDs and passwords.

• System Settings: prevents users from assigning two database servers with the same name (could later cause problems transferring data between servers).

• Portal User ID/Password Creation: fixes an issue with the last release which could prevent users from being able to create user IDs and passwords when creating these for the entire plan sponsor.

• Long-period Reported Amount Allocations: corrects for problems that could occur when allocating Reported Amounts that are longer than 1 year to average earnings periods (generally would only occur with rates of pay that are not projected but rather projected to the calculation date).

• Person Calculation Results Detail: adds mortality table information to the conversion and annuity factor calculation results screens.

• Worktrack Task Limit: when processing Worktrack tasks that are limited by frequency, no longer includes cancelled tasks in the count of prior requests.

• Participant Name Suffix Changes on the Portal: now supports changes to name suffix made through the portal.

• Benefit Payment Set Vesting: when evaluating vesting percentage for a Benefit Payment Set, now explicitly measures the percentage at calculation date.

• Mortality Tables: splits the screen for mortality table entry into separate screens to simplify input. Also, now includes the identification of dependencies of Plan Actuarial Equivalence Definitions on each table.

• GETITEMDETAIL Function: corrects issue which could cause this function to incorrectly return zero amounts when determining details for an account.

• Add and Rename Icons: fixes display issue where the add and rename icons on the main toolbar could still appear as enabled after closing all tabs.

• Portal Status Determination: status displayed on the portal is now determined in real-time based upon current information provided (previously, status was determined based upon the last valuation snapshot that was run).

• Portal ODBC Driver: the ODBC driver now only needs to be installed on Portal Controller machines (prior to this release, this driver needed to be installed on any machine that would need to access the portal for password resets, user ID creation, etc.).

• Valuation Snapshot Compare: corrects issue when a snapshot compare was run and an SSN change was detected where the pre and post change SSNs were displayed as the same value.

• Sponsor and Plan Parameters Output: includes new View in Excel option for both plans and sponsors whereby the parameters for each can be output and viewed in Excel.

Version 2016.17.7.1 - Released 07/02/2017

• Reported Amount Sorting and Reported Amount Lookup: when looking up a Reported Amount where there are multiple amounts on the same date (due to a termination date cap on amount effective and stop dates), now looks up based upon the latest of all amounts reported (based upon unadjusted effective date) as of that date. Prior to this version, DBP was using the earliest reported amount.

• Duplicate Portal Benefit Requests: corrects issue where when checking for duplicate Worktrack Requests upon portal request submission, tasks which had no history (other than the actual request itself being made) were incorrectly being ignored.

• Duplicate Portal Benefit Requests: now allows for requests with the same calculation and payment start date if each request is for a different plan.

• Plan Document Rename: now allows document and plan number to be changed by renaming the tree item for that document with the Plan Sponsor.

• Portal Request Limits and Multiple Plans: for Worktrack Requests that have per-period limits, DBP now separately applies limits for each plan (for when a sponsor has multiple plans).

• Deleting History in Worktrack and Completion Date: when a row of history is deleted for a Worktrack Task, the completion date for that task is now removed.

• Snapshot Prior Year Benefit Payments: DBP now measures and stores benefit payments for the prior year on the snapshot to help with gain/loss analysis for the actuarial valuation.

• New 2D Tables Added: adds support for MP-2014, MP-2015, and MP-2016 mortality improvement tables.

• New Plan Wizard Option: includes new option when running the new plan wizard to use stored benefits for terminated vested participants.

• PIA Level Income Benefit Option: now requires that the Annuity Factor Definition selected for benefit equivalence be an immediate annuity.

• Data Cleanup Wizard Processing: corrects issue when running the data cleanup wizard where a database error would occur if nothing had previously been saved within DBP prior to running the wizard.

• Worktrack Display and Report: now properly indicates calculation types along with dates and ages on both the Woktrack detail screen and Worktrack report.

• Portal Security Changes: includes changes that are consistent with portal's new security design.

• Data Request and Reported Amounts Formatted as Text: now properly displays amounts formatted as text on data requested (previously, these amounts displayed as blank on the request).

• Data Validations - Hourly Rates of Pay: corrects issue which was causing problems (both determination and performance) when validating year-by-year hourly rates of pay (as defined on the Custom Errors screen of a Validation Definition).

• Worktrack Emails: when placing a task on or off hold as well as when cancelling a task, corrects problem where the task creation date specified in the email sent was incorrect.

• Rename/Save Problem: corrects issue where after renaming an item within a tab, subsequent changes made to that tab could then not be saved.

• Snapshots and COLAs After Valuation Date: fixes problem where COLA increases after the snapshot date were incorrectly being reflected in the benefit amount stored for the snapshot.

Version 2016.17.6.1 - Released 06/02/2017

• System Settings Maximum Version: includes a dropdown displaying valid version number, and also no longer allows invalid version numbers for this screen item.

• Manage Backups: allows users with View access to sponsor backups to still be able to delete prior backups.

• Lifecount Reconciliation: now properly displays transfers-in and transfers-out on the lifecount reconciliation when filtering results on group code.

• License Administration: removes all references to Marx USB key as licensing is now Internet-based.

• Benefit Payment Set Valuation Extract: allows users to directly include accrued benefit for a Benefit Payment Set (previously needed to create a Formula Derived Item which then referenced the Benefit Payment Set to do this).

• System Settings Screen: corrects problem where changes to both standard extract headers and default naming were not being saved when changed on the System Settings screen.

• Portal Newsfeed Start/Stop Dates: allows for the specification of start and stop dates for newsfeed items.

• Late Retirement Actuarial Increases: corrects issue where DB Precision could become unresponsive when calculating late retirement increases past age 70 1/2.

• Benefit Payment Export: when exporting benefit payment information, users can now specify the index of the payment (where 1 is the most recent, 2 is the second most recent, etc.). Prior to this release, only the most recent benefit payment information could be exported.

• Exports and Macros: when exporting for an Export Definition within a Plan Document, where both a macro has been specified and where results are being saved to the document archive, that macro is now executed separately for each previously (previously, the macro was only executed once which worked for participant-level exports but not plan-level exports).

• Hours Equivalencies and Elapsed Time Minimums: now supports elapsed time minimums for service definitions that use hours equivalencies.

• Hiding Participant Status on the Portal: includes new option to hide participant status on the portal.

• Service and Final Period Rules: a new option has been added to the Service Provision screen which allows users to require that a service sub-period contain an actual termination date in order to be treated as a final or last period.

• Portal Password Requirements: prevents passwords less than 6 characters in length (consistent with the switch to Microsoft ASP Identity).

• New Plan Wizard: now integrates with standardardized Word documents to produce complete Export Definitions AND documents when running the New Plan Wizard.

• Service Eligibility prior to Hire Date: allows for service dates to precede original hire date when eligibility has been coded to explicitly allow for this.

• Beneficiary Selection when Calculating and Exporting: includes new dropdown for beneficiary selection when calculating and exporting for a person (previously always used first of five possible beneficiaries when calculating).

• Reported Amount Projection: changes the way that Reported Amounts are projected to improve calculation performance, particularly for amounts with reporting frequencies that are greater than annual.

• Data Cleanup Wizard: includes new option to identify non-employment historical dates that are prior to original hire date.

• Person Worksheets and Text Amounts: no longer allows Reported Amounts that are formatted as text to be added to a Person Worksheets (because only numeric values can be displayed within a Person Worksheet).

• Adds Grid Button to Person Transaction Log: includes a Grid button to allow transaction results to be copied to another application such as Excel.

• Includes Ability to Export Company Name and Website: these two items can now be included in an export.

• Average Earnings Reported Allocation - Worked Day in Month: when allocating earnings to a monthly Average Earnings Definition based upon whether a participant worked a day in a month, DBP no longer allows more than one Reported Amount to be allocated to any given month.

• GETAVGDETAIL Function: corrects for error which could occur when using this function when there are no earnings amount included in a participant's average.

Version 2016.17.4.24 - Released 04/25/2017

• User Group Standard Rights: fixes problem which was causing DBP to become unresponsive when opening the Standard Rights screen for a User Group.

• Person Worksheet Save: prior to this release, if a column within a Person Worksheet was moved or deleted and then saved, a warning message stating that the worksheet needed to be saved would appear (even though the item had already been saved).

• Valuation Snapshots and Non-accruing Participants: when determining non-accruing participants in a snapshot, DBP no longer recognizes elapsed time minimums when evaluating which participants accrue service. Prior to this release, the first two determination options for non-accruing participants were recognizing elapsed time minimums when evaluating.

• Popup Annuities: popup annuities are now distinguished with their own payment form (10) on both the data request and valuation snapshot.

• Email Storage of Worktrack Requests on Portal: if the email documenting the creation of a Worktrack task is unable to be saved, this is now logged in the portal's transaction log.

• Lifecount Reconciliation: includes details of the footnotes on the main lifecount reconciliation page when extracting those results to Excel.

• Worktrack Task Creation: properly stores the Sponsor Contact's ID when a Worktrack task is created by a Sponsor Contact on the portal and there is more than one contact for a sponsor.

• Opening a Sponsor: corrects issue where either an error would display or DBP would become unresponsive when opening a sponsor where no sponsor was selected on the Open screen, and where there was only one plan sponsor loaded on the user's network.

• Worktrack Creation Validation: prevents payment start date from ever preceding calculation date when both are specified (prior to this release, payment start date could precede calculation date when making a request if one was specified as a date and the other as an age).

• Participant Validation and Orphaned Database Records: includes coding to protect against application failure for when a participant's information is validated or saved, where there are orphaned Reported Amounts for that participant.

• Sponsor-only Worktrack Tasks: allows documents to be added and viewed for sponsor-level Worktrack tasks.

• Actuarial Valuation Data Display: corrects issue in which calculated plan items would not display properly on the Actuarial Valuation Data Detail screen for a Person (Reported Amount values would display instead).

• Earnings and Valuation Extract: now properly handles earnings in valuation extract when pay is reported on a calendar year basis but snapshot date is not calendar year.

• Partial Years Earnings Treated as Full Year: no longer excludes partial years when measuring earnings for partial periods that are to be treated as full years where the earnings period would otherwise have been rounded to zero.

• Compatible with Upcoming Portal Security Design Change: this version of DB Precision is compatible with an upcoming upgrade to the portal's security model.

• Service Hours Equivalencies and Date Determination: properly allocates hours equivalencies amounts over the entire year rather than all at the start of the year to correct for issues with date determination for dates that reference a Service Definition that uses hours equivalencies.

• Portal Controller Log: correct for display issues when a log message includes more than 255 characters.

• SQL Server 2016 Support: includes database support for SQL Server 2016.

Version 2016.17.3.7 - Released 03/07/2017

• Export Definitions: includes new option when exporting to always treat the export date like a termination date for people when exporting.

• Average Earnings: corrects display problem when an average earnings definition uses monthly units and includes partial periods.

• Worktrack Requests: includes new option to store emails sent out when the request is made as an archive document.

• Data Transfer: limits access for users to this functionality to be the same as the access for restoring data.

• Person/Plan Notes: fixes issue where only one note was appearing if a person or plan had more than one note to be displayed (on open or calculation of that item).

• Average Earnings Periods: includes coding to prevent an average earnings period from ever dropping below zero.

• Beneficiary Name Import: properly separates middle name and name suffix when these are included in first or last names (similar to the current functionality for participant name).

• Portal Controller Log: includes additional detail for document-related transactions.

• Data Request: includes beneficiary name suffix on the data request.

• Data Cleanup Wizard: no longer displays a possible missing TV benefit warning when looking for missing TV benefits (where the box "Check Terminated Vested Participants for missing benefits and calculate amounts" is checked) and where the benefit for a person is dynamically calculated.

• Microsoft Word Documents on the Portal: corrects error displayed on the portal when a Word document (xlsx or xlsm) was viewed online.

Version 2016.17.2.9 - Released 02/09/2017

• SSN Changes: when changing a Person's Social Security Number, the archives associated with that Person are now properly updated (prior to this version, such documents were orphaned and no longer associated with the Person).

• Portal Listener: corrects issue that could cause the portal to be unable to properly display the selection of multiple plan documents when calculating benefits.

• Internet-based License Support: adds new optional Internet-based licensing option which removes the need for installation of the hardware license key (Marx key).

• Beneficiary Import: cleans up name and address information for beneficiaries prior to applying to the database such that the import of information that is all in caps for example will now be imported in proper case.

• Opening Participant by SSN in Portal: prevents the opening of a Person by SSN within the portal when there is no historical dates or benefit information for the opened sponsor.

• Document Upload with Worktrack Request: emails are now sent to specified users when a document is uploaded as part of a Worktrack request.

• Opening an Unsaved Worksheet: when opening a Person Worksheet within a Sponsor that has not yet been saved, DBP now issues a warning/error.

• Portal Security: for Sponsors with multiple plans, DBP now allows users to choose plan number when generating user IDs/passwords within the Sponsor.

• Portal Security: if the web portal .csv is open when generating user IDs/passwords, DBP allows users to close the .csv file so that changes made on this screen are properly recorded.

• Social Security Calculation: when an employee has either no employment dates or earnings reported, and PIA is calculated, the calculation is no longer stopped as this was causing problems for plans with a PIA level income option.

• Valuation Earnings Projection: includes option to project/not project earnings for the valuation snapshot (had previously not allowed projected earnings amounts).

• Account Definition Export: fixes problem which could cause the account balance to not export properly (would export an older balance).

Planned DB Precision Enhancements

• PenChecks Integration: allow check writing using PenChecks payment services from within DBP.

• Unusual Portal Activity Detection: enable algorithm to detect unusual portal user activity (to protect against a user with stolen login credentials).

• Person Validation: add ability to hide validations error-by-error so that they do not show up with future validations.

• QDRO Indicator and Amounts: create a way to store QDRO information that does not rely on reported amounts.

• Export Results Storage: add the ability to store results for plan level exports and also compare the results from two exports.

• Restricted Lump Sums under PPA: automate 60%/80% funding percentages impact on benefits and lump sums.

Possible DB Precision Issues

• None outstanding

Web Portal Enhancements

• Internal Help System: add detailed help popup window that varies content based upon web portal settings that vary by plan sponsor. Also allow for users guides that can then be linked for sponsors.

• Compensation and Benefit limits: add an option that makes this increase assumption a function of the salary increase rate provided by the user on the web.

• Worktrack and Benefit Elections: allow for the display of benefit options and allow users to indicate which benefit option is to be paid within a task.

• Worktrack and Benefit Calculations: allow users to populate Worktrack benefit options by running benefits on the web.

Web Portal Fixes

• None outstanding

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